The Esotericism and Spirituality (formerly Kheper) 

Because of pressures of time (especially several writing projects), and various other reasons, i reluctantly decided to no longer retain this forum as the official Kheper Website forum. It is possible at some future time that I may resurrect the Kheper group. In the meantime i will be writing my books instead. It is hoped at some future time that a new Kheper Forum will be established, but at the moment there are no plans for that. If you have any queries, or if you manage a forum that you feel would be of interest to visitors of this website and which could be added to the list, please contact me

The Esotericism and Spirituality Egroup / Mail List

The Esotericism and Spirituality forum is a generic group for open and free non-sectarian and friendly inter-disciplinarian discussion of spiritual and esoteric matters. Since I only have time to occaisonally read or contribute, I cannot vouch for any views or opinions that may be posted there. However it is hoped that this group will be able to continue to provide a friendly environment for the discussion of esoteric and spiritual realities in a non-sectarian context.
The Esotericism and Spirituality Egroup / Mail List


The following Netiquette rules were developed for the old Kheper forum. It is hoped that these guidelines will be followed on the Esotericism and Spirituality list, so as to ensure friendly and civilized discussion, and that one voice will bnot overpower the group.

  • pushing a single teaching, philosophy, ideology, religion, or agenda to the exclusion of everything else – If you have something that is so meaningful to you that everything else is deemed irrelevant, that is great, but this is the wrong forum for that
  • spamming – please take your wares elsewhere
  • heckling, trolling, flaming, ad hominem attacks – not welcome here
  • sarcastic jibes at or an agressive attitude towards other list members
  • taking over or monopolising this forum by excessive posting of your own opinions
  • dogmatically and point blank claiming your own opinion is right and the other person’s is wrong! If you have a theory, cite your reference. It could be something you learned through an out of body or mystical experience, it could be something you read, in which case give the refernce (it doesn’t have to be to page number, but author and if possible book title).
  • all debate on this forum should be conducted in a reasonable and friendly manner. If you have a lot of emotionalism or an out of control “vital being” (as Sri Aurobindo would call it), please meditate and gather some calm before posting or replying.