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Welcome to the Kheper website. The word Kheper means evolution, metamorphosis, transformation, coming into being. But the rambling nature of this website, established in 1998, means that there are many topics to explore. Because my own worldview and interests have changed somewhat in the more than a decade the site has been up, there is obviously a difference in emphasis between some of the older and newer pages. The following links give a few possible starting points, but there is no reason to limit yourself to those; I have more at the main topics page or the Search page. So, please enjoy, and if you find your favourite subject is not listed, let me know and I’ll see if I can add it.

Three versions of metaphysics and esotericism:

Kheper version 1 (1998-2000): The Nature of Realities

Kheper version 2 (2004-2006): The (first) Integral Paradigm

Kheper version 3 (2009…):
Gnostic Metaphysics,Transformation,Sentientism

  Index of Topics
A large but still incomplete listing of topics on this site, including coverage of various esoteric teachings and other things of interest. Most of this material is by yours truly, but there are also a few essays and pages by other writers more competent than I in various fields. This is probably the best and easisest starting point (entries listed in alphabetical order). A few topics and starting points are listed below.
My latest attempt at a single unified explanation of everything, a sort of grand overview of the different aspects of being and the direction and purpose of existence.
  Planes of ExistenceMaterialism
says that only physical matter is real. Esotericism asserts in contrast that reality consists of a succession of dimensions of existence, of varying “density”. For the sake of convenience I use the Neoplatonic and Theosophical terminology to refer to these gradations as “planes” of existence, although they can just as easily be called dimensions of Consciousness. This is a new section of the site that nevertheless incorporates some of the older material I originally posted in 1998, plus some more recent insights.
Chakras are centers or focal-points of consciousness within the subtle body, each corresponding to a particular aspect and polarity of being. Rather than a single line, they represent a complex arrangement, variously described in different esoteric teachings.
  EcoGnosis and Astrognosis
Higher knowledge about both our human social surroundings and the natural environment which is the home we share with all other life on this planet. Also regarding our place in the cosmos, and the the way cosmic forces impact on life and consciousness on Earth. Most essays by Steven Guth
  Future MultiplexA postmaterialistic society
is emerging right now. But will it be enough to swing the world around and avoid catastrophe? And is it the beginning of a more integral transformation? Interpretations regarding the future include gradualist, pessimistic, and consumationist scenarios, which may be social, technological, or metaphysical, esoteric, and spiritual.
Central to my worldview is the empathic insight that all sentient beings, regardless of species, should be treated with kindness and respect. This idea goes back to Jainism (the wheel on the palm symbolises the Jain Vow of Ahimsa); to be universally valid, an integral philosophy or participatory ethic has to go beyond the anthropocentrism of mainstream secularism and religionism.
A selected list of several longer essays and articles that don’t fit under particular topics. Includes essays by myself and also several essays by Robert Searle
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Esotericism and Spirituality egroup / mail list Forum
Some years back I set up a Kheper forum, but it was much too much work, and besides, I don’t have the personality, energy, time, interest, or EQ to run such a group. You are welcome to join, and see if there is anything of interest, but this forum is no longer associated with Kheper net.
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