Table of Contents

1. Pre-Kabbalistic Development:

Sefer Yetzirah

essay: Numerology and Classification in Sefer Yezirah and in the Chinese Tradition
– by Prof. E.A.Tortchinov
2. Kabbalah within the Judaic Tradition

Historical Development

Basic Concepts

essay: Pardes:The Quest For Spiritual Paradise In Judaism
lectures by Dr Moshe Idel

Sefer Zohar

Lurianic Kabbalah

The Sabbatean Tradition (Antinomian Kabbalah)

diagram: The Tree of Life according to the Ari
by Dr. Bryan Griffith Dobbs

Astrologia Theosophica
article by Mazohir (Dovid ben Areyah) on Astrology, Hermetic mysticism, and Kabbalah.

The Problem of Exoteric and Esoteric in Juaism

The Book of Abramelin – translator’s thoughts – places this important mnedieval grimore within its original Jewish context.
3. Non-Judaic Kabbalah:

Christian Kabbalah

Hermetic Qabalah
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Kabbalistic Books


Tree of Life Five Metals Ring Ana Becoach ring

Kabbalah Jewelry and Jewish JewelryBy the Artist – David Weitzman