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5 June 2011:

Merged Links and Esoteric links page, also transferred friends’ blogs and websites to that page.

Having been doing much on my site lately because I’m working on my book on esotericism. One the book is finished I’ll go back to the site

27 February 2011:

Some updates to Higher Divinisation.

4 January 2011:

Added new page: Comments on photos of Sri Aurobindo.

6 July 2010:

Added some comments on the main Imaginal page.

25 June 2010:

Updated the I Ching index and links page, also fixed some of the html and deleted some redundant pages

20 March 2010:

Haven’t done that much recently. Added some material to Nonduality section (but need to add more here). Added Veganarchism page (Sentientism section needs more material too).

Those who are interested can find me on twitter twitter and Facebook page facebook now

1 January 2010:

Happy New Year, and New Decade!

Today’s date has a rather cyberpunk/singularity AI feel – 01 01 10

Well after adding a whole bunch of new directories I’ve now decided to go the other direction and merge things. This is because the site was becoming too diffuse, most of topics were synonymous or could be included as subsets. So Reality, Transcendent and Immanent are now included under Metaphysics, and Higher Realisation under Transformation, and Flower of Life where it should bem under New Age. This makes the site a lot more streamlines, hopefully. I’ve also been revising various sections, and making the menu bar shorter. The Kheper shop page will eventually be taken down, the link to the Guestbook was removed a long time ago because I got sick of hacving to constantly delete spam, and the Forum is no longer associated with Kheper net (although I put a link on the main page anyway, in case people are interested).

25 November 2009:

New section – Breatharianism

New Sentientism section, which has been greatly developed over the last few days.

Also added new material to transformational section

8 November 2009:

Two new sections: Intraphysical, with a splash page and definitions page, and Clairvoyance, still a very basic page.

7 November 2009:

Relocated, updated, and revised material about Stan Gooch’s theory of consciousness, psychology, paranormal phenomena, and the brain.

4 November 2009:

Another new section – Higher Realisation, with a very basic page on the Flower of Life (maybe this should be reloacted under New Age). One thing leads to another, it seems that I should update my New Age pages. Still haven’t revised the typology pages or finished the Spiral Dynamics or Astrological Archetypes – so much to do!

3 November 2009:

Entire new section – Astrology (there were already a few pages there, but not much). Thanks to Wikipedia for providing so much content, if I had to write everything from scratch it would be impossible. I set up this section because I’ve become quite interested of late in the way that all these systems of psycho-socio-spiritual transformational archetypes seem to be saying the same thing, or at least something very similar. e.g. if you look at Rainbow Chakras, Spiral Dynamics, and personal and transpersonal planets in astrology, it certainly becomes interesting. The question is whether this holds cross-culturally; e.g. do Chinese archetypes follow the same pattern, or is this just a particular development of the Post-materialistic/New Consciousness Western Psyche? Interesting question, of which I don’t yet have the answer.

2 November 2009:

Added more pages to the Spiral Dynamics section, including a page for each archetype (some still unfinished). I’m intending to link this up with other similar archetypes, the idea will be a cross-referenced association and meta-typology; e.g. New Age Rainbow Chakras and Spiral Dynamics both use similar colour attributes. Further pages can be added, such as astrological archetypes. In this way, an esoteric meta-typology and classification system can constructed, showing links between many different esoteric/gnostic systems.

26 October 2009:

New section: Evolution of Consciousness

Relocated and radically enlarged Spiral Dynamics page

Added additional material to Spatial Archetypes page

Added a bit more material to Integral Post-Metaphysics

25 October 2009:

Added more pages and material to Transformation section.

4 October 2009:

Upgraded Esotericism

Reorganised main topics page

Some changes to main Kheper page

2 October 2009:

Upgraded: Metaphysics

New section: Supreme Reality

New section: Godhead

27-28 September 2009:

Upgraded: Metaphysics

New section: Cosmotheology

29-30 August 2009:

Have been busy reorganising and setting up new topic pages, including a reorganised Transformation and Transmutation/Metamorphosis sections, and new topics sections Esotericism (which previously was rather amorphous) and Occultism. Admittedly there is a lot of overlap between “Esotericism” and “Occultism”, but that goes fora lot of subjects here.

I’m also enhancing the pages with a three-level directory system:

  • parent nodes – pages or topics that include the page or topic in question
  • see also, or maybe it should be sibling nodes – pages or topics that are related and may or may bot be partially synonymous, but are still considered separately, and
  • child nodes – pages or topics that are included under the page or topic in question

If I recall rightly, I got the idea for this from external link Principia Cybernetica (a wonderful scientific website that was a big influence on me when I was just getting started with Kheper net more than a decade ago, back when it was still Kheper auz com), and maybe also from external link Cladistics, But fora long time I have been pretty slack in applying it to my site. The reason was that fora long time I didn’t have a confident insight on how to organise things. Is “Esotericism” a subset of “Occultism”, or vice versa? (Neither, I amde them sibling nodes). Recently things have fallen into place (writing my book has helped), and I felt it was time to update Kheper net, rather than have it frozen at where I was two or five or ten years ago. Fortunately, the modular nature of the web means I can always reorganise if I change my mind or get new insights.

But because there are so many pages on Kheper net, it will talke a while to reorganise them all, by which time no doubt my ideas will have totally changed!

But, for the meantime, hopefully the various pages and topics will soon be a bit better organized.

27 August 2009:

Exciting new section, The Siddhas

18 August 2009:

Renamed enlightenment pages as Realisation, new page: Why I no longer say “Enlightenment”

Played around with colours of navigation menus a bit (but these are only on a few pages)

11 August 2009:

My thoughts on the the controversy surrounding Peter Heehs’ book The Lives of Sri Aurobindo

2 August 2009:

Further work on the Integral Approach / Integral Paradigm section, including reorganising and adding to pages, and transferring material on that subject from the Kheper home page to the topic page. That helps avoid an over-excessive integralism feel, because I want to retain the esoteric element, as Integral thought is too often associated with exoteric non-gnostic understanding. Also modified some Ken Wilber pages and merged two pages there.

Changed redirects to help keep Kheper version 2, distinct from Topics section, the latter will be more associated with Kheper version 3

1 August 2009:

Reorganised site so that there are now links to three new index pages – Kheper version 1 – The Nature of Realities, Kheper version 2 – The Integral Paradigm (first attempt), and Kheper version 3 – Gnostic Metaphysics – which reflect the development of my ideas. The pages are still pretty spare; I’ll add more text, links, and images as I go.

Reorganised Integral Approach / Integral Paradigm page so that the main page is now imn the topics area; also greatly expanded the associated Historical development by combining several pages. The old Integral Paradigm main page is now the Kheper version 2 page.

With these revisions, some of the links and redirects may be a bit confusing; I’ll revise the navigation menus of the various sections as I go.

The purpose of these revisions is to better reflect my current understanding, which has changed quite a bit in the last year or so. I was going to leave it till my book was finished, but the problem is the site was falling further and further behind where I am now and how I understand things. So to keep it current this big revision is necessary. Hopefully the Kheper net site will be more interesting and easy to use after things are revised (by wghich time no doubt I will need to begin a completely new revision… Well, that’s life, a co0nstant process.

26 July 2009:

Upgraded and updated section on Teilhard de Chardin

21 July 2009:

New section: Postmaterialism

19 July 2009:

Upgraded some of the original sections like Metamorphosis, Involution, etc.

18 July 2009:

I’ve been busy on my book and other projects, but finally got around to doing some work on the Kheper site.

New section: Gnosis

Revised and upgraded section: Divinisation

Revised and upgraded integral paradigm page.

21 January 2009:

New page – Robert Monroe

Minor pages on California Institute of Integral Studies, Integral Institute, Integral University Charles T. Tart (all copied from Wikipedia – some needs more work or links to books) and Transpersonal Psychology

19 January 2009:

Updated Kheper home page with some extra topic links

17 January 2009:

Upgraded entire Subtle Body section; mostly left text as is but updated links and html.

14 January 2009:

To eliminate redundancy, news and updates on the Kheper site will now be from this page only. For older pages see news and events and Topics – New and Updated, and News and Updates archives 0102030405, and 06.

Currently I am slowly upgrading the website, including material from old directories like “Reality/” and “Integral/” that are no longer used and reflect an earlier perspective. I am trying to incorporate these into the new layout. It is also hoped to Integrate the “EcoGnosis/” section more, as this is rather isolated from the main body of the site.

Recent upgrades are in Consciousness/ and Reality/

Perennial Philosophy now has its own directory.