Steven: A brief biography

Steven is an only child born in Sydney in 1943. He spoke only German until six when school introduced him to English. High School was under the discipline of the Jesuits. University brought the study of psychology and a lifelong partnership with Kathrine, a Singaporean Chinese.

Significant moments:

Lots of time with nature on Sydney Harbour and in the nearby Blue Mountains. Travel overseas to Europe, Asia (mainly Singapore) and the United States.

Work with aboriginal people doing community development for several university departments. Spent time with the elders who recognised his clairvoyant skills – before he knew about them – they tried to bring them out.

Than about 20 years ago a move was made to Canberra and a public service job. Shortly after another move to nearby Galong village where an alternative lifestyle meant lots of time for reading and doings. Steven and Kathrine now live on 600 acre farm overviewing central Canberra. The house is big, they share it with a daughter-in-law, two boys, two grandchildren and four Chow dogs.

Mentors along the way:

Many and varied. Dowsers, priests, monks, workmates, students, friends and Kathrine. New ones keep appearing.

New ideas, new groups, keep coming up and need to be written about. Hopefully some of the words on the site – and in the thoughts behind them – will reach you so we can help ourselves to help our planet.