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16 May 2008:

Upgraded main page with mouse-over menu. This is part of the thematic revision of Kheper, so that the main page has links to the themes Reality/the Absolute. Emanation, Evolution and Divinisation; with Transformation and Metamorphosis in the center reflecting the overall theme of the site.

As the site is upgraded the directories will be reorganised occordingly.

3 April 2008:

Update – a series of dramatic personal events over about 3 weeks at the start of the year (Jan-Feb), including the loss of a beloved animal companion, then (this is more minor) losing the internet connection, and then a difficult fracture of my right arm in a cycling accident, forced me to question everything and confront my personality in the here and now, without the luxury of distractions like mental internet and outgoing physical activity. As a result I can say I am no longer the same person I was before. So it seems that, as painful as this was, the whole thing is something that was “meant” to happen in the cosmic scheme of things. I wrote a few short comments on my blog but not too much as I didn’t want there to be too many distracting “vibrations” until the crisis had passed. With the internet back on and my arm (slowly) on the mend, I have decided to reorganise parts of the Kheper website. For one thing, I want to get rid of any mental dogmatism, and focus on the Kheper Site as a knowledge base for all aspects of esotericism, although with emphasis on transformation and divinisation.

Over the next few months it is planned to modify and transfer the large number of pages from the old (i.e. 2005 to 2007) Integral Paradigm and (2007, but with some pages going back a decade earlier) Esoteric Overview of Everything pages to various categories in the esoteric topics directory. A number of new topics will be established, including The Astral Plane and The Perennial Philosophy. Some current topics, including Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and The New Age, will be greatly revised.

I am also again taking up work on and revising my book Integral Metaphysics and Transformation to accomodate my new understanding (although most of what I had previously written will be retained)

21 May 2007:

I’ve been very busy with my current book, Integral Metaphysics, and have been making good progress. I just posted a tentative and provisional table of contents on the books page.


Currently the whole Kheper site is being (very slowly, because I’m working on other projects, including writing books) revised, corrected, upgraded, edited, and streamlined. This is a long overdue task that will improve the layout and ease of navigation of the site (most pages will be fairly simple, like this one, with a simple navigation menu), as well as remove broken links, spelling errors, etc.

4 December 2006:

Wow has it bene a while year since I’ve written anything on this page! Come to think of it, seems like it’s been longer!

Well, for updates as to where I am at, the best place to go is my blog,  Integral Transformation. I also have a blog at Zaadz.

I’ve been putting in some time at Wiki Palaeos org (the Palaeos wiki), and also recently finished an essay which has been appearing in instalments on Frank Visser’s external link Integral World website.

Currently on the Kheper site I’m busy upgrading the “Gurus” section, although there is a lot of work still to do. Of especial interest is the subject of the Intermediate Zone guru, which leads to a whole new understanding of what Enlightenment is, and what many gurus mean when they say they are “enlightened”.

8 December 2005:


More than half the entries on the guestbook are now by spammers. It is a real nuisance to have to continually delete the spam. So I’ve, regrettably, removed the guestbook link.


Because of limitations of time, and various other reasons, I decided to step down from the Kheper Forum. The Forum has been renamed Esotericism and Spirituality. I will still be involved, but the forum will no longer be the “official” Kheper website forum. It is hoped however that discussion will continue there

I hope to be able to spend more time writing some books, including books on esotericism. However I will continue to add to and revise the Kheper Website.

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