The thickest veils between man and Allah are the wisdom of the wise, the worship of the religious, and the piety of the pious.”
Bayazid Bistami James Fadiman & Robert Frager Essential Sufism (Edison, NJ: Castle Books, 1997), p. 111

Introduction to the Sufi Path – by Peter Lamborn Wilson

Ibn Arabi

Jelaluddin Rumi

The Bektashiya – by Professor O. Akimushkin; translated in English by Professor Evgueny Torchenov

The Chistiyyah

An overview of Dr. H. J. Witteveen’s “Universal Sufism” – by Kenneth Shaw

Sufi Cosmology and Psychology – by Arvan Harvat

The Lataif – by Arvan Harvat

Sabbatai Zevi and Sufism – by Professor Avraham Elqayam

Sufi Links