Spiritual Canberra

Canberra the Landscape Temple

Cities of ancient times had walls and gateways to protect them. Some places, like Delphi where the oracle resided, had natural protection. Around Canberra there is a natural ring of protective hills. Then, inside ceremonial Canberra three sacred mountains that enclose the place in a protective triangle.

Canberra is known for its being cut off from the rest of Australia. Its common to hear, “Canberra’s politicians, they live in a world of their own, they have no idea of what is going on in Australia.”

Even by legislation Canberra is different.

Canberra lives in its own separate state in which all land is held in leasehold ownership, there is no so called ‘private property’. The Government owns all land in the Australian Capital Territory. So we, as the people of Australia, own Canberra and its surrounding area. Lease holding creates a different relationship between land and people. The continual exsistance of the Aboriginal tent embassy is an example of this, it could never have happen in a land ownership state.

Canberra’s ring of hills.

The hills around Canberra form an outer circle, through it are a number of gateways. Approach Canberra on any of its major roads and you feel a jump, a transition as you enter. Each of the gateways is overshadowed by a guardian.

Approach on the Federal highway from Sydney and you can sense the guardian at the boundary maker that announces the ACT. The gatekeeper here checks out every person that visits the city. Slip into dreaming mode and you will be able to feel him penetrate your different levels of consciousness. He is checking out your needs, frustrations and intentions. Fail in your assessment and by the time you reach central Canberra you will dislike the place and plan to leave. Devas do much to create our moods and feelings.

Approach Canberra from Coast and you meet another guardian where you cross the fault line that created Queanbeyan hill. Its very similar to the Federal highway Deva and may be an aspect of the same being.

Coming in from the South you hit the Cooma road guardian on Hill, from which you can look down into suburban Canberra. There is more of the wilderness and less sternness in her … there is no serviceable direct link between Canberra and Melbourne through the Snowy Mountains and so she has less to do. The southern Deva can give a feeling of joy and pleasure in the beauty of city, a jewel carved out of the wilderness.

The Melbourne road comes in on the Barton highway from Yass and has a series of gateways. The most noticeable is just outside the ACT boundary where high tension power lines cross over the highway just past the Hall village’s Uniting church. This Deva has much of the fire Deva in her, the effect of the electric field. She is unsettling and unpleasant, it is hard to get a good impression of Canberra if you are coming in from Melbourne.

Canberra has a western line. It connects Canberra to the Brindabella the range of mountains that mark the eastern edge of the Snowy Mountain wilderness. The Cotter road corridor lets Canberra vent off the accumulated energies of the day as sunset approaches. In the morning wilderness energies arrive into ceremonial, inner Canberra down this route.

The western guardian is a sylph, a being of mountains and air. She likes people, enjoys releasing tension and works at bringing the wilderness into Canberra. Like all sylphs she is only loosely linked to place but can usually be found near the mount Stromlo ridge where the pine forests end and water begins to flow freely towards the Murrumbidgee.

At Canberra airport is another air Deva. She sits over the airport building and checks people when they walk off their plane. Sometimes she is up in the air playing with the planes as they come in. When the little planes take off she gets really involved with the experience and enjoys seeing people fly. A nice Deva she alerts the guardian along the Queanbeyan river at the first traffic circle if someone unusual is coming to Canberra. I meet the Queanbeyan river guardian 30 years ago when I was flown into Canberra for a job interview as a psychologist with the public service. She, a river nymph, covered me in a feeling of reassurance and told me that I had the job. She came along to the interview and filled the room with a radiant light, perhaps she influenced the committee members? I got the job, which included a relocation allowance, and I have stayed around Canberra ever since.

Inner Canberra

Three hills, each with a different personality, protect the ceremonial area of Canberra with its Parliamentary triangle. The strength of the radiations from the hills vary from day to day and from half hour to half hour. Everybody who moves within the area of these hills is affected by them. In combination they do much to reduce the input from areas outside their area of influence. In central Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne or New York seem remote, the hills seem ever present locking Canberra in their embrace.

Black Mountain, a strange place.

It has two aspects. The newest and most obvious is the space needle. Telecom tower is a major structure that literally hums with power. A power that seems to attract interstellar intelligence. The Mount Stromlo observatory complex also contains interstellar intelligence but it is intellectually stimulating. Interstellar activity on Black Mountain operates more at the emotional and will levels of our human consciousness.

The second aspect is old. Black Mountain has entry and exit portals to the underworld to an area occupied by beings that can be called trolls if you wish to give them human characteristics. They are dark and feed off our human need and desire to control situations. This implies that they respect money, and they do. The radiations from Telecom Tower enlivens them, making them jumpy and overactive.

Troll portals are all around Black Mountain, on Action and Black Mountain peninsular, in the city centre, in the Botanical Gardens. The Portals open and close, why I am not sure, perhaps this relates to times of the day, the weather or astrological circumstances. They also seem to be strengthened and weakened by Feng Sui considerations and human activities.

Electricity has made trolls overactive and in combination with radio waves has given them the opportunity to live above ground. Electro Magnetic Radiation is a force in which they live and so as we increasingly become exposed to EMR our bodies increasingly become possessed by Trolls. Cancer is one of their effects. The popularity of the Goth movement is an indication of how far trolls have penetrated into our social life. All this is happening now as human, troll, deva and other beings are finding new balances in our electronic age.

But enough digression. Black Mountain protects but at a price. It robs Canberra of some of its humanity but is jealous and protective of its sphere of influence. This gives stability of place. Black Mountain has strong links to the surrounding hills.

Mt Ainslie

Theosophical Group, Mt Anslie

The group on Mt Ainslie. Behind them stretches Anzac Parade.

Theosphical people from all over the world came to Canberra after the International Congress in 2000. People from, Ireland, England, USA, New Zealand, Singapore and various Australian states.

They toured Canberra’s esoteric sites and experienced its energies. They were involved in discussions and seminars. They left with useful insights and understandings about Geomanitic energies and the way these are preparing the space for Spiritual groups to work out of Canberra in future.

Because Canberra is developing so quickly it makes a facinating location for the study of Ecognosis.

Mt Ainslie is different.

The Mt Ainslie Deva is protective and likes to radiate a loving, caring spiritual force. Over the last 10 years there has been a change in the Ainslie energies away from the crisp ‘blueness’ that it used to channel into the parliamentary triangle. Pollution has darkened its radiations. The worst pollution is from people. Drugs and electronics have brought the surface of the earth above the ground. This has made it easier for the trolls to weave their exsistance into human life and made it harder for the Mt Ainslie Deva to penetrate the walkways of civic . The Dickson shops are also beginning to suffer from the same coating of unpleasant elementals. The Ainslie shops are still OK.

The War Memorial has also changed. It has become more like a video arcade with electronics swamping the feeling of people who wander through its enclosing passageways. Fifty years ago the Memorial was tomb in which were scattered the emotive artifacts of war. These souvenirs of war carried the radiations of the people who once had surrounded them. Into this space the Ainslie Deva could pour the spiritualised compassion that visitors needed to understand the sacrifices that the ‘Spirit of Nationhood’ required of her citizens.

In response to these changes the Mt Ainslie Deva has lowered her vibration and at the same time withdrawn into her higher levels. She now works more with other Devas, more of her can be felt along Anzac Parade as she works with the Deva of ceremonial infront of the Nurses’ memorial. Her approach to people has become more specific as she sends bolts of soft blue light to touch individuals here and there as they wander around civic or wait for a bus. Her general good vibe is reduced but remains as a comforting, reassuring feeling.

Red Hill, the Mugga Dragon

The Dragon’s head is Red Hill. A female earth dragon, she now seeks power. Do all dragons do this?

The Chinese believe in water and earth dragons. One also hears mention of sky, fire and wood dragons which together fulfil the totality of the Chinese elemental world. Western occultists see only four elements, earth, water, fire and air. Westerns tend to use the words ‘Deva’, ‘Landscape Angel’, or ‘Fairy’ to describe the phenomenons associated with place. Place can also breed gnomes, brownies, imps, elves, trolls, devils and at least some of the whole range of beings made popular by Tolkin in the “Lord of the Rings.”

Tolkin’s dragons seek power and they do it by cunning. Chinese dragons are called either good or bad – supportive or destructive to human needs. But all this is an oversimplification as dragons and humans don’t interact all that well. We and they see the world differently and have different needs.

The Mugga dragon overlooks Mugga Way, Canberra’s diplomatic corps lies in its flank and Parliament House nests within its grasp. Diplomats and Politicians seek power and they do it by cunning.

Which came first, the Mugga Dragon, the Diplomats or the Politicians? It doesn’t matter, in Feng Shui there is often no cause and effect, the past and the future overlap and events unfold by association with each other.

The Mugga Dragon has been unhappy for a few years. Angry infact. She wants to get into Parliament house but because she is a Landscape being she doesn’t understand what is happening in the place.

Travel up to the small lookout on Red Hill (PHOTO) and stand within the stone enclosure and you can receive clear impressions of her being. Its difficult because she is a large, stretched out being that lives in the past and seems unable to understand the city below. Yet her present, emotional life is tied in with the dreams of the people who spread out their daily lives below her.

This raises a point about Devas, Dragons and Landscape Angels. Their consciousness seems to be tied into more discrete bundles than ours. We suspect that the Indian concept of Chakras applies. Each Chakra is a ball of consciousness with a different aspect of personality to the one above and below it. Perhaps we are the same, each Chakra being in a little way a mind of its own. The trolls that roam around Black Mountain are only one aspect of that Mountain’s personality. The trolls are just messengers, mobile but without creative intelligence. Black Mountain has many intelligences, thoughts and feeling patterns, they are locked into its Chakra balls. These balls are below, in and above the Mountain. The older darker patterns are below, the newer are above.

Mt Ainslie has a similar pattern of ascending balls of consciousness. The Mt Ainslie Deva extends far up into the sky and communicates via some sort of grid pattern with other similar Devas around the globe.

Black Mountain is locked in place and but for the telecommunications tower has no contact with the world above, its roots extend deep into the underworld, into Ahriman’s realm. Its contact to the other hills of Canberra is through the ground. Not all messages can be sent through the ground and so at times people are used as linking messengers – more about that anon.

The Mugga Dragon’s desire is to nurture the life in the bush around her and to be in communication with the other Landscape Angels that exist nearby. But her relm now contains little bush, few animals and people everywhere. So she lives through the people and shares her Dreaming, her emotional life with them yet she wants more. Its a strange symbiotic relationship but understood it explains the desire for group power that the location engenders in people.

The Mugga Dragon, with her head on Red Hill, because she is so deeply rooted in the past, provides stability of place. She is reliable, unlikely to change and so provides stability of time. This helps to keep inner ceremonial Canberra stable.

Stability is a thing difficult for people to achieve in inner Canberra. For besides the shifting energies of Mt Ainslie and the wandering trolls of Black Mountain there a hundred other locations each with its own consciousness of place in ceremonial Canberra. Lets visit some them…

“Canberra, a city without a soul”

That’s a well known quote. It usually comes from visitors. True or False?

True, Canberra has spirit but not what tourists call soul. The Griffins designed it that way.

By 1900 town planners understood that much had gone wrong since the Industrial Revolution. The promise of machines to do humanity’s work had resulted in huge drop in the quality of life for the working poor. Carl Mark’s Communism was a political attempt to solve the problem. Canberra is a town planners attempt to solve the same problem.

The people movers of the early 1900’s were trains. Inevitably cities developed in concentric circles around train stations. The inner circles decaying first. Into these inner circles, attracted in part by the movement to the stations came the flotsam and jetsome of society, this discouraged land owers from redeveloping their inner city blocks. Soon things moved from bad to worse and in it could be seen the human pathos which tourists tend to call “soul”.

The Griffins spread Canberra out. They used a triangle to separate the city’s functions. City hill for the business section, Capital hill for the administrative core and Cathedral hill (now called Peace hill) for the spiritual functions. A tram was to link these three cores. It has never been built and so Canberra appears soulless in it’s very diffuseness.

We believe that the very diffuseness of physical Canberra contributes to evolving strength as a spiritual centre. This book is about that development.

As always, Black Mountain tower made its presence felt as Art and I drove around Caanberra. Its hard to miss, perhaps its the height, perhaps its the radiation that draws one’s attention in its direction. When I drive along ………… St in …………. I’m always distracted as I drive north. Some dishes point directly down the street.

The tower, one of the world’s “space needles” is the communications centre of Canberra. Given the eyes to see and the conscousness to feel its inprint it must appear huge. To a radio telescope it would be the strongest point of focus for hundreds of kilometeres in any direction. How far would its impact travel to attuned eyes and coscousness? Surely it could be sensed from the moon, from another planet or even another star system with its planets and associated life forms.