Know that your mind itself is immeasurable, the container of a myriad, myriad universes, each of them vast beyond your comprehension. All the illimitable power that exists in those myrids of universes would be yours in full, if you had the wisdom enough to use it. The same is true of every sentient being … when a single bee sucks honey, all beings in the myriad universes suck honey; when a worm is crushed , all beings in those universes are crushed. Remember, the source of all power lies within yourself …John Blofeld, The Bodhisattva of Compassion (Page 36, Shambhala, Colorado 1987)

The Ecognosis Series

 Understanding Devas, earth spirits, elementals and the planetary Buddhas.

 Accessing Spiritual Canberra

 Towards an Ecognostic Evolutionary Paradigm

 Photo album

 Journey to Earth’s Dawning – Philip Simpendorfer, interviewed by Steven Guth

 The Double – a new paradigm for understanding the human psyche

Assorted Essays

Aboriginal Spirituality – Transcript of a Talk on Aboriginal Spirituality, to the Swedenberg church group in Ainslie, Canberra
The Anthroposophical view of evolution
Background to the Theosophical Meditations at Canberra’s Sacred Sites
Beyond ANZAC Day
About Biodynamic “500” spray
Bones at Glastonbell – Thoughts on Glastonbell, Devas of Place, and the human antenna system.
The Book of Abramelin – translator’s thoughts
Canberra & the Griffins. a Theosophical view
Canberra – its Geomantic realities – In this article Steven Guth takes the reader back to the time when the Australian National Capital was founded. He discusses how geomancy can be used to connect locations to the underworld, and explains that powerful energies of war and death are linked into the geomancy of Canberra to exert their influence on the decision makers in the new Parliament House. This, Steven suggests, is a significant reason why multiculturalism has not be given a proper opportunity to become part of Australia’s future
Climate Change, really – yes, always. – Steven Guth and Murray Rowden-Rich (Word for Windows Document File) – This seven thousand word article starts with Steven Guth discussing his frustrations steaming from a 1990 encounter with Greenhouse theory. He wonders if the nuclear lobby will benefit from current Climate Change theory.
Next Steven sets out new information on Climate Change theory. He suggests that an important variable is missing from all climate change discussions. Steven calls this ‘protowater’ and suggests it vents up from inside the planet.
The remaining article is divided into the 3 sections, with discussions on the medieval warm period, CO2 conceptualization and Antarctica’s importance as a climate driver. The last section uses interview material and insights from Murray Rowden-Rich. Related articles Primary water and the sea level rise – Dowsing, an explanation – Primary water, as a renewable resource; and Further thoughts from “Voyage of Discovery” by Prof Lance Endersbee (Word for Windows Document Files)

Climate Change – the missing truth by Steven Guth – Climate Change proponents ignore the fact that the earth has volcanoes. In the recent past volcanoes have profoundly changed the world’s climate for years. Massive volcano induced Climate Changes seem to occur every 150 years – science cannot control these occurrences. The historical effects of these events is discussed. (pdf document)
Considering Islam
The Cosmos, involution and evolution. Devas are the brings of creation
Crop circles – an esoteric perspective
Dreaming – How to access Sacred Sites
Flyer for a talk on Thai Buddhism
Geomantic Energies – Shiva’s etheric energies and their influence upon the Earth, and the interplay with human thoughts and activities
Gundagai, Earth Connection weekend. May 19th and 20th
Meditation at Parliament House
Meditation at the Royal military college, Duntroon
Meditation at St. Christopher’s Catholic Cathedral in Canberra
Meditation at Tasmania
Meeting a Deva
Meeting History
Steven and Kathrine share some thoughts after a visit to China
Summer Solstice and Ascension
A technomusic event – an ecognosis perspective
Thoughts on Post Operation – A look at hospitals and medical operations from a personal esoteric perspective.
Understanding Devas, earth spirits, elementals and the planetary Buddhas.

Book reviews
Devas and Men – Southern Centre of Theosphy / Theosophical Publishing House – review by Steven Guth
Bodhisattva of Compassion. The mystical Tradition of Kuan Yin – by John Blofeld – review by Steven Guth
Gaiasophy – by Kees Zoetmann – review by M.Alan Kazlev
The I Ching or the Book of Changes – (Wilhelm-Baynes edition) – review by Steven Guth
Monkey – by Wu Cheng En (Translated by Arthur Waley) – review by Steven Guth
A New Zoology – by Hermann Poppelbaum – review (and incomplete commentary) by M.Alan Kazlev

What is Ecognosis?

The word ecognosis is a neologism, from the prefix eco- (from the Greek oikos, house, home, from which is derived both economics and ecology), and gnosis spiritual knowledge (from gignosko – know). Ecognosis therefore is higher knowledge about our home – both our human social surroundings and the natural environment which is the home we share with all other life on this planet. More than that, this home includes not just the Earth, but also the solar system, the galaxy, even the entire universe, for we are truely Cosmopolitan – Citizens of the Cosmos

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­ Sensing the Spirit of Place,
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Enhancing eco-agriculture with subtle energies.

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