Gemstones for luck in gambling

Gambling and superstitions go hand in hand. When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense, even if you’re a very reasonable and realistic person. Every time you walk into a casino, the odds are stacked against you – that’s just how it is. So, everything and anything that can potentially boost your luck a bit and change things around is welcome.

Over the years, people have come up with all sorts of amulets and good luck charms, ascribing them magical powers and claiming they can bring good fortunes to those who wear them. In this group, gemstones and other precious stones have a very special position.

Gemstones are pretty and shiny as it is, and some of them are quite valuable as well. So, it’s not that big of a jump to convince yourself they can also bring good luck while gambling. And, if you were wondering what are the luckiest of the lucky stones out there, keep on reading.

Green jade for gambling

Green Jade

In the Chinese culture, green jade has a very special place. It is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the owner, so you’ll often see it around the neck or on the finger of rich Asian gamblers.

It’s no surprise that one the luckiest stones on this list has roots in the Chinese culture. Gambling and luck have been an important part of the country’s tradition for thousands of years. Thus, using rituals and items that can boost one’s fortunes makes perfect sense.

Citrine for casino


Citrine is a brown or yellow gemstone that doesn’t look like much at first glance, but it’s believed to have power to bring great fortune to the owner. It is also sometimes referred to as the “merchant stone.”

Citrine is considered quite powerful, and not just in the gambling circles. Some people believe that the stone can help you attract positive things into your life in general, such as wealth and prosperity. Whether you fully believe it or not, it can’t hurt to give it a try, as citrine isn’t particularly expensive.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine

What better gemstone to take with you to a casino than the one aptly nicknamed the Stone of Opportunity? Green aventurine originates from India and that’s where you’ll find it in abundance, but the actual name comes from the Italian “a venture,” which means by chance.

Many gamblers believe that this particular stone can help boost your luck and focus in all sorts of games, from poker, over roulette, to sports betting. Even if you are playing online and not risking any of your own money at the best no deposit bonus casinos, a bit of help can’t really hurt.

Malachite stone for luck in gambling


Whether or not malachite can actually bring you luck when gambling, there is no denying it’s one of the most beautiful gemstones on this list. An intricate pattern on the shiny green surface gives this gem unique and enigmatic looks that will certainly attract some attention.

It is believed this stone has a special kind of aura surrounding it, deflecting bad things and attracting only good luck and positive events to your life. Clearly, we could all use some extra luck at the casino tables, so why not give it a try? Even if it doesn’t work as intended, it can still be a very nice piece of jewelry, especially when worn around the neck.

Turquoise casino stone


The belief that this blue gemstone can attract luck and wealth into your life comes from Native Americans who had a great respect for turquoise. The gem is also an expression of the feng shui water element.

Turquoise is probably one of more common stones you’ll see around as it’s often worn as a piece of jewelry on a ring, inside earrings, or hanging on a necklace. In any case, like the rest of lucky stones in this article, it’s believed it can help bring some good fortune your way when gambling and help shift the tide your way.

Ammonite for luck


If you’re looking for a unique and supposedly powerful good luck stone, ammonite is your best choice. This is actually a petrified fossil and the colorful stone features all colors of the rainbow, making it very interesting.

The belief it can also bring good fortunes when gambling once again comes from the Chinese tradition. The color pattern of the stone is similar to the scales of the legendary dragon-unicorn Qilin. It is because of this similarity that people, especially in Asia, believe ammonite possesses special powers.

Amber gambling stone


In essence, amber is nothing more but petrified tree sap. However, this doesn’t take away anything from its beautiful looks. The clear golden stone often has insects and other small animals trapped inside, making every stone look unique and adding to the mystery.

Given that it takes millions of years for the process to complete, amber is truly a wonder of nature, and as such, it’s no surprise people believe this stone can bring good luck to the one who has it on their person.