Trolls. They look like bats without bodies. Remember Bat Man? Remember his logo? It’s a troll.

Trolls are black. They are so black that they no apparent face. Light seems to fall into their bodies and so they cannot be seen. The energy patterns clairvioents see also are absent. Trolls can only be seen by looking for the space that isn’t there, spots where there is less light, spots that are in motion. Once the trick is learnt trolls are easy (frighteningly easy) to find.

Trolls are in constant motion, they move like bats flicking in and out of each other.

Trolls combine together to enlarge in size. Little trolls are the size of your hand. Dwarf sized trolls are common. They can combine to become human or giant sized.

Troll consciousness depends on size, the larger the troll the greater the consciousness it possesses. Large combinations create a devil shape that is in direct contact to its master, an underground ball of consciousness. Large trolls have only a fleeting existence, lasting for a fraction of a second. Normally only the small bats are stable. Near the portals to their underworld trolls have more conscious intelligence even in smaller forms.

Radio waves and the wave patterns associated with EMR create an energy matrix in which trolls can move. Before electricity and radio waves encircled the globe trolls could only move about on some nights. Than too, they had larger heavier shapes and looked more like the imps and devils depicted in medieval art.

Large trolls push against humans, they want our living space. Small trolls move through our bodies struggling to find living space within. Black Mountain trolls seem particular drawn to the liver and kidneys. In other locations trolls seem to favour the thyroid gland or the human brain.

Possession? Small trolls find it easy to penetrate into the human body, live in organs and draw energy. In a healthy body they need to leave within seconds. In a unhealthy body (or that of a heavy meat eater) they can take possession. Over time they add to their size – and so to their consciousness. Finally they can dominate a person. Some modern Christian churches know about trolls, call them devils and ‘cast them out’ so often restoring health and sanity.

Black Mountain has many natural portals. Humans also make portals by when they did tunnels, create bad Feng Shui or perform ceremonies. Now-a-days portals are easy to find underground or in shopping malls.

Trolls want to take possession of the bioshephere in which we live. They want to remove all things that live and grow above the ground, they want metal machines to replace the things that grow. Processed food is one of their achievements. They want to take over the surface of our plaent. They strive to create what occultists call the 8th sphere or the world of Ahriman, the prince of darkness. It is a world into which no stars shine and there is no creative intelligence. Modern Christian churches call this the time of the Antichrist and believe it is imminent – perhaps they are right.