How to Dowse

How to Dowse.

Serious about dowsing? The best way to learn is to get someone to show you how. There are many techniques, the simpler the better. The important thing is the enthusiasm of the teacher and your willingness to learn. Dowsing is about body response like swimming or dancing. Some people are better at it than others.

What Dowsing is about.

When you walk over a place of high or different energy your body notices a difference. The difference may be so slight that normally you do not sperate it from the noise that surrounds you – the keys in your pocket, other people, traffic roar. Dowsing is a about focusing your mind and relaxing at the same time. Its just like dreaming (see section aa) which requires a focused mind and the blanking out of any feelings a site may create in your mind.

The dowsing rods or the pendulum is the needle on your body’s dial, making visible your bodies slight responses to the energy that you are encountering.

Map Dowsing.

Yes, it is possible to get accurate Geomantic and Feng Shui statements about a place from looking at a map or a photograph.

The scientific paradigm has trouble with map dowsing but it is just a particular example of a phenomenon that is universal. Religious relics, religious symbols, paintings, statues, mandalas, even pieces of music are gateways to the energy of the ideas they represent. All form is energy held into a place. Energy constantly radiates outward creating copies of itself – images in the eyes of those who see. This is how our eyes see and this is how we can dowse the feelings of place even from a represention that can connect us to the energy of a place.

The sketches below give an outline of map dowsing results in late 2000. About 15 years ago Canberra had a very different map dowsing picture. In a few years it will again be different. Why the changes? At the moment Parliament House overbalances the design of Canberra into its own direction. In years to come it is likely that the new National Museum will offset the focusing effect of PH. New channels of energy are developing into ceremonial Canberra and so new locations for energy focuses are becoming available. The challenge for ‘light workers’ is to find the locations that are being created now and so are open to (and often hungry for) help from people with spiritual gifts. Map dowsing is a good way to find these locations