Diagram of Spiritual Evolution, based on Adyar Theosophy, showing the evolution of life and huamnity in the context of planes of existence and subtle bodies or vehicles of consciousness

Physical Evolution
Imaginal Evolution
Evolution of Consciousness
Spiritual Evolution
Sri Aurobindo’s Evolutionary Philosophy

The word evolution has many meanings.  There is physical-material evolution (chemical, biological, social, technological, cosmic), an Imaginal (subtle-physical and etheric) evolution, and a spiritual evolution, including evolution of the Divine Soul. All these aspects of evolution ultimately lead to a greater and greater embodiment of the Good, no matter how much to the contrary things may sometimes appear down here. The ultimate goal is the Divinisation of the universe.

Dimensions of Change

Evolution Transformation Transmutation/Metamorphosis

Stage of existence

Transcendence Involution/Emanation Evolution Divinisation