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Site Upgrade

I have started a radical upgrade and renovation of the site. This will involve making it more dynamic, interactive, and professional looking. Use will be made of Cascading Style Sheets and Javascript, leading to a much more dynamic html format.

31 March

The Big Bang

The Big Bang

Uploaded a rather basic, still under construction, cosmic time-line beginning with the Big Bang

28 March

Quantum physics

Quantum physics

Updated and expanded some general Science and the Quantum physics pages

27 March

Hap New Year

Hap New Year

My on-line cyberpunk story has been revised,
also given a really kewl illustration by my friend Bernd

23 March

Palaeontology - The Brachiopods

The Brachiopods
The Brachiopods were among the first forms of invertebrate life to evolve on Earth
These humble shelled animals dominated marine ecosystems for the several hundred million year span of the Paleozoic era - the age of ancient life.
Today only a few hundred species remain, "living fossils" of a bygone age

11 and 12 March

I have been working on a lot projects on my site,
but it seems like they are constantly under development and never actually getting finished!
Also continually revising pages already up

Da Free John

pre- trans- cycle [Ken Wilber]
The page on the controversial guru Da Free John has been revised

The Golden Dawn

The Golden Dawn

The Hermetica section, and especially the pages on the Golden Dawn, are being radically revised and enlarged.
Included will be "family trees" of different occult lodges, and bios of various key players


Linnean system of nomenclature
The Linnean system of nomenclature, developed by the 18th century Swedish botanist Carle von Linne,
provides a means of classifying every living thing according to species, genus, family, order, class, phylum, and kingdom. The page has just been revised.

28 February

Philosophy - Materialism

Materialism page greatly revised

11 February

Goethean Science

Goethean science, developed by the German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, is an approach to knowing the world, that serves as an intuitive or "right brain" (so to speak) complement to the traditional rationalistic "left brain" science. Nature is understood interactively, in terms of organic metamorphosis, rather than in a rigid reductionist manner.

8 February


Three phases of cosmic evolution

The three phases of cosmic evolution - Physical, Biotic, and Social Evolution

14 January


Theosophical diagram of the Evolution of Consciousness

New Evolution main page

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13 March 2000