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The Cloud And The Cage

A good description of the lower psychic structures in the Field or aura is given in the book The Rainbow Bridge, by two anonymous disciples of Alice Bailey:

"Most people, inwardly, look like walking thunderclouds - dark and turbulent and...quite unpleasant, except for the few who show radiance in the upper area of the...aura (Fig 1)...They) are almost entirely obscured by the heavy load they carry around....This constitutes the "cloud", the loose churning material that fills the...subtle bodies - etheric/vital, astral/emotional, and the lower mental...

....(T)here is (also) a more permanent and denser structure which may be termed the "cage" because it encloses and shuts the individual off entirely from the outside world....Without the "cloud" of loose material, this cage appears as a loosely organised series of linked distortions which move with the disciple through every act of his life.  These distortions appear to extrude from within, although the seeds for their growth incarnate with the man; his reactions to his life and experiences cause them to grow and take form...

Close to the body and adhering to it are heavier, more resistant agglomerations of energy-substance which are extremely individual, and of an even more limiting nature....(T)hey are undesirable residue from the past and must be removed through the process of purification or clearing."

"Two Disciples" The Rainbow Bridge, pp.124-7, (Trinune Foundation, Escondiado, California, 1982)

These structures that make up the Cage can actually be intuited quite easily.  You simply allow your imagination to focus on your own, or someone else's auric field, and be open to whatever you experience.  Through intuitive visualisation one can become aware of strands or masses of this frozen energy.  Essentially, what we are dealing with here is the actual shape or form of the lower or physical psyche.


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