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The Three-fold Aura

The spiritualist Ursula Roberts, inspired by Walter Kilner, incorporated her observations in a small booklet called Look at the Aura - and Learn (Greater World Association, London, 1975), written in simple language to introduce newcomers to this subject.  Although some of the illustrations have a regrettably pious feel about them (the booklet is published by a Christian spiritualist organisation) the text is very good, and made all the better by the fact that it is clearly based on the writers own clairvoyant perceptions, rather than derived from other writers or over-intellectual speculation, as most books on this topic so unfortunately are.  The opening pages present the basic description of the aura itself.

"An aura is a little like the skin of an onion because one aura is enfolded in another.  The first aura is the one most frequently perceived, because it is just an outline of the human body in blue, or grey, or white light.

In good health this aura may appear as silvery radiance.  When people are tired, it will appear as grey.  In real illness it may be almost impossible to detect....This aura is often called the etheric body...

The second aura is wider than the first one....The colouration and extent of this aura vary very greatly.  Dark shades of colour reveal people who are engrossed with their own desires and appetites.  Beautiful hues of pink, blue or green are to be seen in the auras of those who feel love and who unselfishly try to improve the world...Many people have a dual character, and this duality can be seen in the aura as a two-fold band of radiation, one band revealing sensuality, and the other band showing the higher feelings of love and devotion.

In people who are good but unaware of their spiritual potentialities, it may extend to 30 cm...

The third aura is much wider, and in very highly developed people it may extend to distances of three, four, or five feet (one to one and a half metres)....(T)his is the aura of spiritual energy which is...radiated by souls who consciously send out healing, light, and loving thoughts, through...their spiritual will."

[Ursula Roberts, Look at the Aura - and Learn, pp.6-8]

Here we have the three primary auras described: the etheric or physical, the psychic, and the spiritual.  Ms Roberts, and other writers on this subject as well, have a lot more to say on various topics pertaining to the aura: perceiving the aura, psychic healing, meditation, dysfunctional auras, and so on.  What is also of course very interesting is the relevance aura studies can have for understanding the nature of the human entity, of gradational reality or planes and sub-planes of being, and in general the way in which the higher, more spiritual realities interact with and influence the lower, more material facets of the being.

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