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Nature, Humanity and AI Harmony

Given present technological advancement and the very real possibility of Singularity within 50 years, things may be changing pretty quickly pretty soon.  I like to think that a future nature-human-AI partnership and symbiosis will be a positive thing, in which all partners will be able to benefit and pursue their own respective physical and spiritual destinies in peace and harmony.

Richard Brautigan's beautiful vision expressed in his poem "All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace" is very much like how I envisage (or would hope) a post-Singularity world to be like

I should point out that I do not believe in the malevolent AI mythos of films like The Terminator the The Matrix.  That is simply a paranoid meme cooked up by hack Hollywood writers, and I feel it to be very far from the truth.

This is not to say I am a naive utopian.  But it seems to me that what we are on the brink of is not an apocalyptic end of the world (even if it is the end of history as we know it and nature as we know it).  Rather it is a dramatic and awesome leap in evolution, a transition greater and more dramatic than any of the former evolutionary transitions this planet has seen.

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