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"Compare the total number of churches compared to the number of science centers.  These factors help explain the relative popularity of theology in the lives of most Americans, compared to the popularity of science.  When Jerry Falwell proposed that laws be passed in every state of the nation threatening teachers with prison if they taught modern science, there was no outcry from the general public or the professional Christians.  That is a symptom of a serious problem which may eventually lead this country into a crisis with grave consequences for all.  I hope my distribution of these files will help prevent such an outcome, by educating people about the general validity of science and the deep problems of the the fundamentalist point of view.  Though science is stronger today than when Galileo knelt before the Inquisition, it remains a minority habit of mind, and its future is very much in doubt.  Blind belief rules the populace, placed there by clever cultists."

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Web SiteThe Annals of Improbable Research (AIR) - international science humor print and on-line magazine (a sort of MAD Magazine of science).  Includes both genuine and concocted research from the world's best and worst scientists and science writers.  Also administers the annual Ig Nobel Prize ceremony.

Science index page
Science index page

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