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Reincarnation - a few books

The following is not intended as any sort of comprehensive list. Most New Age, Esoteric, Theoisophical, and large online bookshops will have dozens of titles to chhose from. Since I haven't read or revievwed these numerous recent books I don't want to list them here. So only a few important titles are given. however if you follow the links on Amazon com (after clicking on one of the following) you may well find some good books on the subject.,

Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation by Ian Stevenson - The book that started it all, a landmark work of scientific research. The question remains what is teh nature of the phenomenon that Dr Stevenson is describing. New Agers and reincarnational religionists (e.g. Krishna Consciousness) will say obviously reincarnation pure and simple. Those whose religions (e.g. Christianity) or philosophies (e.g. Scepticism) do not allow them to acknowledge reincarnation might suppose some sort of universal storehouse of memories, a sort of ridiculous misinterpretation of Jung's Collective Unconscious, about as close to the Swiss Psychologist-Sage's views as Neo Age Eco-Spirituality is to the work of Dr James Lovelock. Or it may be that it is only a certain part of the being, such as the Astral or Mental Body, that has reincarnated, carrying with it the memories of its past physical life, as stated by the Mother at one point in the Agenda. Stevenson does bnot give the answers, just the scientific evidence. An important revolutionary work, but some may find it too dry.

Reincarnation & Karma Reincarnation & Karma - Edgar Cayce - Edgar Cayce's influence on the New Age movement and many current beliefs popularised by the New Age, such as auras, the Essene Christ, and the lost civilisation of Atlantis, cannot be underestimated. Here the Sleeping Prophet talks on reincarnation, a central teaching that rather disturbed the human Cayce personality, a simple and good-hearted Christian. Cayce's material on reincarnation is interesting to compare with Steiner, who covers a similar subject

Reincarnation: The Phoenix Fire MysteryReincarnation: The Phoenix Fire Mystery : An East-West Dialogue on Death and Rebirth from the Worlds of Religion, Science, Psychology, Philosophy by Joseph Head and Sylvia Cranston - A comprehensive overview of reincarnation, including comparative religion, paraspychology, and more

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