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Enlightened or Transenlightened

Transenlightenment is a term I originally coined (in 2006) to refer to states of realisation and divinisation that are even beyond conventional Enlightenment and Self-Realisation. It corresponds to what Sri Aurobindo calls Intuition, Overmind, and Supermind (and maybe also levels below that but still above conventional liberation such as Higher Mind and Illumined Mind).

In Letters on Yoga (page cit. to be added) Sri Aurobindo refers in passing to Ramakrishna as pertaining to his "Intuitive" level, which (if true) would make Ramakrishna a Transenlightened Guru by this definition.

He also mentions (ref to be added) that some inspirations in the Intermediate Zone are from the "Higher Mind" level. This may explain a strange mix of wisdom and delusion in Intermediate Zone gurus, and also their tendency to see themselves as avataric figures beyond even liberated and enlightened beings. Of course, in their case these insights are mixed with false light, narcissicism, and delusionism, and hence the authentic element is so distorted as to be actively misleading. This also shows the ways that all these realities interact and overlap. It is very misleading to put things in specific boxes or yes/no categoriues.

Since contacting Ramana Maharshi's Light I also came to an alternative definition, which is that Transenlightenment could correspond to the avataric state. A Transenlightened guru therefore does not necessarily have to be tapping into the planes above mind that confer integral realisations. He or she could be also or alternatively embodying the Supreme from behind creation.

I no longer use the term "Transenlightened", preferring Authentic Enlightened. For regardless of whether one Ascends or abides in a Nondual state these are just different aspects or facets of the same Supreme, just as two such very different teachers as Ramana Maharshi and Sri Aurobindo embody the same Transcendent Supreme.

There is a question whether or not an Authentically Enlightened teacher is born enlightened, but has to partake of a certain veil of limited humanity, or starts out imperfect and has to attain Perfection. Perhaps either might be the case. Regardless, the Enlightened teacher might attain the Supreme through various means, such as different successive Masters (e.g. Yogi Ramsuratkumar), intense meditation (e.g. Guatama Buddha, Sri Aurobindo) or through an ego-death experience (e.g. Ramana Maharshi), or even being struck on the head by a sage (Meher Baba). After that point, the teacher is fully self-realised, their identity one with the All.

List of suggested Fully Enlightened Individualss

This list only includes those of the 19th century through to the present day. Doubtless many more historical examples could be added. The problem is, the further back in history one goes, the more things become veiled in myth and legend and exageration (indeed this is so even with the modern day as the phenomenon of urban folklore shows). For this reason I have limited this list to more recent figures. If you know of other possible candidates, please contact me

In no particular order then except alphabetical:

Sri Aurobindo
Meher Baba
Mirra Alfassa (The Mother)
Nisagardatta Maharaj
Ramana Maharshi
Yogi Ramsuratkumar

All the above except Mirra are male and Indian. Complete Enlightenment obviously is broader than that. So if you know of others that you feel fits this bill let me know.

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