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The Lower Astral Reality

By Lower Astral Reality is meant here that aspect of the Astral/Affective that pertains more to the adverse forces (but not necessarily the inconscient) than to the higher spiritual realms. This is a very polarised region, characterised at the cosmic level by both by the antidivine and by emanations of divine warrior forces from above (such as the Tantric Buddhist wrathful deities, and The Mother's "Little Kali" - see e.g. external link Mother's Agenda vol.1, 28th May 1959, vol.3, 11th March 1962, vol.4, 19th October 1963)

On a more limited individual level, finite human personalities that are not guided by the inner spiritual light are easily manipulated and controlled by the entities of the lower astral.

Neo-Theosophists and some New Age writers and astral travellers speak of the "Lower Astral", but this refers rather to the Lower Astral aspect of the Astral level (= Subtle Affective).

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The following pages have information on more minor lower astral entities. These tend to be unpleasant in nature, of the possession type.

web page Are Ouija Boards Real? at Astral voyage com. Includes discussion of negative entities taht can be associated with ouija boards. However ouija use can also be toitally harmless, as long as one does not allow oneself to be receptive to these things.

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