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Hegel and Marx

Diagrams and Links

Philosophy can be pretty dry if it is all words. So here are some diagrams that graphically portray the relationship between the Hegelian and Wikipedia link Marxist view of reality. The thesis-antithesis-synthesis triad is the same in basic structure (upper pair of diagrams) except that for Marx the series has an end (in the Communist utopia) whereas for Hegel it doesnt. Also in his view of reality Hegel used dialectic to show how thought or ideas procedes in this manner, whereas Marx "turned Hegel on his head" to argue that the thesis-antithesis contradiction arises from material conditions (such as the means of production), not from ideas. This is illustrated by the two trees diagram.

Hegel's Dialectic
Marx's Dialectic
Hegel's Dialectic

Marx's Dialectic

"Two Trees" - comparison of Hegel and Marx's view of reality.
Comparison of Hegel and Marx's view of reality
These illustrations (reduced) from Charts from Core Lectures - Diagrams of Hegel and Marx, by permission of Professor John L. Heineman, Boston College

see also Marxism and the Hegelian Dialectic (from the Donmeh Mail list)

Web links Links - Hegel and Marx Web links

Book Hegel, Marx and Dia1ectic - A Debate - a book by Richard Norman and Sean Sayers - Essay 1 PDF acrobat document On the Marxist Dialectic is online (pdf - requires Adobe Acrobat)

web page Hegel and Marx - from essays (page of those in English, in German) by Kai Froeb arguing against some of the doctrines Marxists assert regarding Hegel

Web links Cyril Smith Archive - material on Marxism - includes Hegel - see e.g. external link Science and Humanity Hegel, Marx and Dialectic which argues that "Marxists" have forgotten the essential humanism of Marx, reprinted from Common Sense, April 1994), and external link Hegel, Marx and the Enlightenment

web page Fight Club: Marx & Hegel in the Pitt - rather original essay that uses the movie Fight Club to look at theories of Hegel and Marx

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