The "Green Man" of Ireland and Scotland

Liz O'Driscoll

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Hello Eylon, indeed, it is the same "Green Man", known by many other names here too, as Herne, Cernunnos, "The Hooded Man", etc.  God of the Forests but also God of Life as both creator and destroyer (the hunter).  I believe the ancient practice of sacrificing humans by the Druids (as well as others) stemmed from their perception that to rectify the imbalance caused by the hunting of other living creatures as well as the devouring of vegetation, it was necessary to sacrifice humans in offering to that force to replenish it, to keep the cycle turning.  Why it never occurred to them that limiting the food intake might just have a better effect, I'm not sure.  But I guess we had inflation even then!  So a sacrifice offered as the Scapegoat for the collective guilt was their solution it would seem.

Just possibly also an ancient misunderstanding in communication as when the Inca people were told that the Sun "needed a human heart" to survive.  I'd guess they were being told that the Sun wanted to see the love of the human heart, not fear, but it was misinterpreted to mean he wanted to literally see a human heart, torn out of its body.  Yikes.  If the message came via the Moon (source of lunacy), this could account for the distortion causing the misinterpretation.  Knowing how devastatingly hilarious a game of Chinese whispers can be, one can apply that concept to the hypothetical source of many of the greatest debacles and tragedies in our history and see how they might have accumulated to lead us to this present position.  No wonder Shakespeare wrote the way he did.   My impression is that many of us at this time are working hard behind the scenes in our sleep, to comfort and counsel the dying and the dead in transition because of this.  No wonder our earth seems to merit the label "Where angels fear to tread"!!!

The Templars did indeed acquire much knowledge from their Arabic connections, possibly the source of part of the Grail legends, or maybe a cross-fertilisation effort, with the Celtic sources being united with the Arabic.  I started off with a book called "The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail" back in 1982 and was surprised to discover that many of the people the authors referred to, were also part of this castle's history, men like Raleigh, Spenser and John Dee, the Magician/Advisor to Elizabeth I.  (We believe the Templar craftsmen built this place.)  Then halfway through the book, they mentioned Philippe de Cherissey, their one main contemporary source of information and when I mentioned his name to my late husband, Sean looked really taken aback and blurted out, "But I know him!"  It turned out that Sean was the godfather of Philippe's only son (who is now a Marquis).  Whatever my husband was involved in, he never revealed to me, as all male members of the Grail families and
their male supporters were pledged to complete secrecy about their family roots, on pain of death.  Within three years of the publication of the book, Philippe was dead and his wife told us that she was convinced he'd been murdered.  Within another 18 months, she had died also.  However I was not pledged in that way and Sean actively encouraged me to do the research and talk openly about it with other people.  He obviously agreed with Philippe that it was time for the truth to come out into the open, and since then, many other books have been published revealing much that was hidden.

That we are part of a great Adventure/Virtual Reality Game/multi-dimensional Movie has gradually been made apparent to me.  And lately I've found confirmation in at least one of those books, "Heaven's Mirror" by Hancock and Faia, p. 157, where he says that the ancient Rishis of India recognised and taught this about our reality.  We are being asked to stretch our minds to accept not just the reality around us, but the multiple dimensions that it exists within and which exist within it.  The return
to awareness of the Green Man is part of it.  I believe one of his names here is Daun and his lady would be Dahaun, a
character named in a science fantasy story by the Grande Dame of that genre, Andre Norton.  My own life is stranger than fiction, so I have long ago learned to keep an open mind and stay balanced at the same time to the best of my ability.  I think of it as balancing in the quicksilver of the Mirror of Reality, neither looking to the positive or the negative to flow in the
middle ground and be in harmony with both, finding one's wings.

Daun would be the expression through the world of life on this planet, of the Light, so also Lugh of the Long Arm (the Law).  But the Light is again an expression of the One, that essential Unity underlying all Being.  So I enjoy recognising all the different facets, but also their Oneness.  I believe God delights in the diversity too.  And this reality is maybe where he comes for a holiday!  That is that aspect of God which we are at present capable of perceiving or conceiving.  "I dwell in the Mind of my
Beloved", is a thought that keeps occurring to me again and again, and if so, I hope his love and humour rescues us from the sorrow.   There is also the possibility that we are part of a juvenile entity learning to control its powers and understand itself.  In my own experience of the past few months, the telepathic links are growing gently but steadily stronger, with people on the Hermetica list mentioning names and concepts that my friend Jan and I have discussed just a day or two before.  This is happening consistently.

There may be negative influences at work, but at the same time, there are "others" (perhaps our own future S'Elves, ancestors and descendants) working to help us achieve the harmony required to open our minds to humanity's potential and to heal the One.  Oh dear, you did open the flood gates, didn't you!  I'm enjoying discovering new connections through the postings of the Donmeh too.  We are each a piece of the puzzle.  And I've felt a very strong urge to dress in green as much as possible
lately!  :-)   (My maiden name is Forrest.)  From one bright spark to the others, Liz

PS:  There is a site for external link Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland now, where they may have more information to access quickly.  The place is a masterpiece of Templar craft.  I can send you some of my references later, but have to do the school run now.  ..  Also lots on the Sinclairs on the web.  Seton and Forrester were also names connected.

 The "Green Man" and the Knights Templar

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