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Individualised Self

The Individualised Self is transitional between the Supreme Self and the Transpersonal Self. It is a transcendent state, beyond prakriti and samsara, an aspect of the Absolute as one of an infinite multiplicity of beings; a Ray or Focus or Individual Reflection of the Absolute

The individualised self cporresponds to the Atma or Monad of Theosophy. In Neoplatonism and Platonically inspired Christianity this would be the Nous, the higher or transcendent spiritual Mind. It might also be compared to the Pneuma or Divine Spark of Gnosticism, although that is more in the context of the incarnation of Spirit in Matter. In Samkhya it corresponds to the Purusha. The equivalent in Kashmir Shaivism, it is the Vijnanakala and Purusha. Kashmir Shaivism also refers to the Vidyeshwara ("Lord of Knowledge") state is transitional between the Shuddhashuddha-tattvas ("Pure-Impure" principles, here perhaps more equivalent to the Transpersonal self) where the finite self is found, and the cosmic omnipotent Godhead-consciousness.  I interpret it here as a higher grade of Enlightenment and realisation.  It could be considered equivalent to the boddhisattva, buddha, and individual avatar states (or at least one aspect thereof).

In Ken Wilber's early involution-evolution psychology, which refers to a more mystical and metaphysical approach inspired by Sri Aurobindo and Da Free John, this would seem to be overlap with the the "Low Causal" , "High Causal" and "Ultimate" stages, the latter also referring to the Supreme Self.

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