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The True Light

The expression "The True Light" is here used in a phenomenological, rather than an theological and cosmological sense. Regarding the the latter, we find that some dualistic Gnostic and Gnostic-like doctrines speak of a dichotomy of True Light and the False Light, while evangelical Christianity uses the term frequently (e.g. external link True Light Ministries, external link True Light Church, external link True Light Educational Ministry, etc), based on New Testament often uses the metaphor of Light.

As I use the term, true or genuine Light refers to genuine gurus and genuine divine emanations. But this refers only to the very few, most gurus are limited to the Mixed Light and even the False Light

The True Light, or the Divine Presence, or the Supreme, is associated with authentic avatars and liberated beings, and this can be contacted on the subtle level, if one can establish a link on the subtle levels with that revelation or teacher.

The False Light
The Mixed Light
The True Light

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