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Moral Compass

The following moral compass is based in part on the Coaction Compass of Haskell et al, Unified Science, and in part on the the AQAL quadrant concept of Ken Wilber. As such it represents an integral/integrative approach that includes all options.

Following both Haskell et al and Wilber and keeping things simple, only two variables are considered. These are:

For simplicity's sake, only the extreme positions are presented here, along with the neutral middle position. Thus as with the co-action compass there are nine combinations, including several that are based on neutrality.

The result can be shown by means of the following diagram:

Moral Compass

Or in table form:

Moral Compass
selfish exploitation(neutral)selfless generosity
self-masteryn/aneutral egolessnessTrue Guru
(neutral)abusive guru(neutral)genuine guru
self-slaverySelfish Narcissist / False Guru neutral narcissismgenerous narcissist

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