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Email from Lori Tompkins

.. alan, yes critique is an important part of the process, just please keep providing, the appropriate links, sources, disclaimers and such and I think all will be fine. And from time to time, as you have already done, maybe you will question more of your word choices and lables.

For instance, I am not a 'Devotee', by your definition (OR by mine!).

A devotee is a person who worships the personality of a guru, takes a totally uncritical and literalist or fundamentalist attitude to their teachings, and, in many cases (although this depends on the nature of the teaching), using them as an object of bhakti in order to attain Enlightenment.
In some cases it makes no difference if the guru is genuine, or a fake or even abusive; the attitude, and the experiences, of the devotee is the same. This means that ultimately then it is not the consciousness of the guru, but psychological projection of idealised parental or other images on the part of the devotee, which serves as the focus and impetus of the bhakti.

It just does not fit. I have never been a Bhakti yogi, focusing on the Guru in order to attain enlightenment. My interest in Ms. Norelli-Bachelet's yoga is about gathering Knowledge/Gnosis, not focusing on her Personality. I consider myself a Yoga Student who after reasonating with the yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother in the 90's, also came to deeply appreciate Ms. Norelli-Bachelet's contributions to that line. It makes sense to me though, that to you, who does not see the knowledge content of PNB's yoga as significant, then it would appear my interest is in her personality.

If someone else presented the Knowledge she discusses about the nitty-gritty of how to observe the Supramental consciousness-force in the flow of Time, I would be paying attention to that person. I love the Knowledge. I use to have a screen saver that was a quote of the Mother's something to the effect of, 'Love is not the hearts craving for affection but a vibration heading straight for the One.' (I don't remember all the right words). And (I think it was) Leonardo DaVinci wrote, 'Love without Knowledge is Useless'. That is pretty much my feeling. My Bhakti for Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Patrizia is a result of their Consciousness, which I recognize, and in whatever way I can, want to invite in to our world, rather than to ignore, etc. I question everything in my own experience and about PNB's yoga constantly, but as with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, I find the Yoga and Knowledge to be solid. So I don't know (and of course have no control in) what you would rightfully call me (or what adjectives you will tack on), but 'Devotee' is still, not it.

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