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Email from Lori Tompkins

3 December 2006
From: Lori Tompkins
To: Alan Kazlev
Regarding: Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet in ‘Slanderous Devotees

Alan, Ms. Norelli-Bachelet’s work is kept in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives. They consider her contribution significant enough to house her materials, all in one place, for interested readers. If the very selective Ashram Archive’s deparment considers her a significant enough disciple/author of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother to collect and preserve her books, why do you spread the standard anti-PNB baloney that no-one concerned with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother takes her work seriously. It is just NOT true.

Your assessment of the Auroconf affair is certainly less than objective. I understand you have no connection to Ms. Norelli-Bachelet’s work, but you clearly assess that Auroconf has been a blameless victim of attacks by PNB followers such as myself, and you don’t seem to question whether or not they have had a role in falsifying information about PNB and making up lies for decades which harm her name and image. If persons in their group have done this and others support their activity (which is provable) wouldn’t any person concerned with the matter be reasonable in challenging and exposing the group’s less-than-honorable intentions and behavior?

Do you realize that labeling Norelli-Bachelet as an ‘abusive’ and ‘false guru’ as if it were fact in your webpage about ‘Slanderous Devotees’ is a clear case of Slandering. Am I being a slanderous devotee or am I attacking you by writing this complaint? Am I a spammer if I want to publically publish this comment to you to help counter balance the false information you publish publically? You could choose to perceive and write about my valid concern that way. Or you could see that I am simply asking you to not publically defame the character of someone you happen to not agree with and happen to have a negative experience of. I am pretty sure public defamation of character is illegal and that you could be ordered to cease and desist in this regard. If this statement is considered aggressive, so be it. Do you consider your web assessment of Ms. Norelli-Bachelet to be not aggressive, or not inflammatory in any way? You are just about as insulting as one could be to those of us who find significance and value in her work.

I appreciated Wikipedia link your arguments on the Wikipedia deletion discussions towards the validity of a PNB page. That demonstrated some will towards a non-biased point of view, but then I read your content on the ‘Slanderous Devotees’ website. And was shocked by your really-biased content.

I wonder if you’ve ever considered that your perceptions of this matter are Off-Kilter. Your assessment of the ‘hostility’ of PNB and her disciples is just wrong. If someone or a group of people were spreading lies about you and distorting and omitting relevant information about you and your life’s work wouldn’t you be actively interested in correcting the situation with some kind of concentrated effort? Of course you would be. But when it comes to PNB you label that very justifiable effort as a ‘tirade’. You present the picture that followers of PNB such as myself are deluded and somewhat rabid to prove the validity of PNB’s claims about herself. That is a false assessment. Our collective interest is that people have a fair chance at finding and considering PNB's yoga, and this includes calling on people such as yourself to be honest and not distort or MAKE UP the facts of the situation (as you have done by calling PNB an abusive and false guru), using the basis of your own limit assessment of what is true and what is false. All I am asking for is that in your web work you respect some important facts of the situation, including the Archives inclusion of Thea as and important disciple of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, along with many others who respect appreciate her contribution, no matter how annoyed you’ve been by PNB followers such as myself.

If you persist with your mention of PNB in your 'Slanderous Devotee' webpage, I ask in all fairness that you post this entire letter (including this request) on the page or make a link to it with no omissions (including the web address below) as an 'example' of a 'Slanderous Devotee' of Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet.

Lori Tompkins

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content by Lori Tompkins
page uploaded 4 December 2006