Swami Keith

I first met Keith at external linkLa Trobe University.  He wasn't a student there, but he did do astrology, and he waas and I asusme still is a very good astroploger.  He did my astrology chart, and did not ask any money for the survice.  I was amazed at his analysis of my character from it.  He could see things about me that it was too absurd to suggest they were mere lucky guesses.  That is when I first realised astrology was more than superstition.  (As a rational scientific type I have always had a lot of difficulty with astrology, because it violates causality, and yet still seems to work).

After leaving University I lost touch with Keith for some six or seven years.  I met up with him again seemingly by accident, one Sunday at the Hare Krishna temple in Albert Park, right on the other side of Melbourne to La Trobe Uni Bundoora.  We had both gone for the free Sunday vegetarian feed.  Anyway it was good to catch up with Keith again and we got talking, and he invited me to Swamiji's birthday party.  Which is a whole other story (because I hadn't seen Swamiji for many years either, and I certainly didnt know that Keith new Swamiji!).  And another time he invited me to a talk by Guru Maharaji.  Guru Maharaji and Swamiji were (and perhaps still are, I don't know) Keith's two gurus.

It was not long after tried to set himself up as a guru with a small but adoring (well, sorta...) harem of female disciples (this guy never really lacked for sex).  I had an argument with him once because he was into spontaneity and I was into a disciplined approach to meditation.
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