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Belief-system Evangelical Christian (alleged, needs conformation)
Former Guru Adi Da
Category Antagonistic critic
Criticises Adi Da

Elias is an ex-devotee and well-known critic of Adi Da. I remember being quite impressed when reading external link his archives on the Light Mind forum. I found out about them from Geof Falk's external link Stripping the Gurus book (the chapter on Da). He semed from his material to be an intelligent, insightful, and thorough critic of Adi Da. Since that Time I have however been told things abpout him that are less than flattering.

From one associate:

"Elias is moderator of the (Lightmind) forum. He's conservative and can be tetchy."

From another correspondent:

"Aside from that, I will comment that Elias, who runs the Daism forum that is highly critical, has an axe to grind. He's a Jesus freak. Elias believes that Franklin is evil because Elias has taken up fundamentalist Christianity, not because of a real examination. He also goes through and removes anything that casts Franklin in any light but very dark. He banned me from the site because I would insist on being balanced, and because I called him on his Christian fundamentalism."

Apart from that I know nothing of this guy. I'm just sharing what I have heard here. Obviously there are many critics of Da Free John, not just Elias, and their various accounts would seem to collaborate. Also he really is a fundamentalist Christian, why should he write so highly of the Ashtavakra Gita, a nonduality text that would be abhorant to any theistic fundamentalist? As always, the reader should examine all the evidence and come to their own conclusion

In reply to the above, Conrad Goehausen writes (14 Apr 2012)

"I was browsing through your website, and came across a page about Elias, an ex-devotee of Adi Da's. You had some very inaccurate information about him from a reader, who claimed that Elias is some kind of fundamentalist Christian, and that his criticism of Adi Da stems from that leaning. Nothing could be further from the truth. I was a very active poster on Elias' forum for years, first as a devotee and defender of Da's, and later as a critic and ex-dev. Elias is rather omni-religious, and was in his younger days a Christian monk, but left decades ago and became a devotee of Meher Baba, Ramana Maharshi, Buddhism, and of course for a time, Daism. He has virtually nothing in common with fundamentalist Christianity, and that has nothing to do with his criticism of Adi Da. As for your reader being banned for "calling him" on this, in my experience Elias ran one of the loosest forums on the internet, allowing a tremendous amount of freedom, but he did get pissed when people went off at nauseum, especially on himself. If someone kept accusing Elias of being a fundamentalist Christian on his forum, that certainly would be grounds for being banned, since it is so obviously not true, and only a semi-psychotic would press such an accusation to the breaking point. For what it's worth, I've had many, many disagreements and runins with Elias, and he has plenty of faults, but none along the lines stated here. His arguments against Adi Da are very strong, but not at all black and white. In fact, he has often praised and defended Da and aspects of his teachings. I've argued with and against him on both counts, and while one can disagree with his views if one wishes, I think it's sheer bullshit to make these kinds of accusations against him. Hence, I think you should correct your website to reflect the real story here, and you can use my name if you wish to. And btw, your website and your ideas are very interesting and useful. Thanks for listening."

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