Cyberpunk Literature

Pat Cadigan

Synners - cover

William Gibson

Neuromancer - cover
other authors to be added....
The Cyberpunk Reading List

web pagefictional-computers - computers in the movies and in fiction - good brief synopsis of most of the cyberpunk classics, with links to Amazin Com if you want to order any

web pageCyberpunk Reading List - a good annoitated list

Mark SpaceCyberpunk at Mark/Space Interplanetary Review
superb list of authors and books.  Compreghensive.  unfortunately this site is no longer being updated

Web Site CYBER NOODLE SOUP - an on-line 'zine on cyberpunk, edited by Patrick Clark.  Features interviews with writers, reviews.  Check out the cyberpunk timeline. (history of cyberpunk in the mediua from 1926 (release of Fritz Lang's Metropolis) to the present).  CNS is also published from time to time in hard copy.

Web SiteThe Cyberlit (Cyberpunk Literature) Homepage - an exploration of the evolving cyborg body in fiction, anime, and cyberculture. Current trends in contemporary culture and links to related sites.

Web SiteThe Library - Diversions Archive

on-line essayCyberpunk Fiction: Information as God
  Milton Wolf's Cyberpunk Bibliography

Cyberspace and Critical TheoryCyberpunk Science Fiction: An Overview
Joshua Conterio and Steven Cook
reviews a number of writers and books - a very nicely presented site. but very incomplete.  Presumably still under construction

Cyberpunk - academic analysis

Cyberspace and Critical TheoryLiterature, Cyberpunk Sci-Fi, Cyberspace, Critical Theory: An Overview
got some interesting essays here - from English III - Brown University.  For a good intro see
Cyberspace and Critical Theory - what's it all about - by Lora Shwartz
on-line essayesheaps of links!  All this stuff is sorta technical, but still informative for those interested
web pageMeditations on Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk - write your own stories

Web Sitethe cybRpunk page - by Ken "Wirehead" Wronkiewicz and Marshall Motley - a useful guide for writers & would-be writers of the genre.  The authors say:
"This page often requires a slight amount of familiarity with writing and cyberpunk culture. This is a compilation of various pieces of cyberpunk that I feel people should read in order to write cyberpunk. I leave many points up to your imagination, but I try to warn against bad science. Overwhelm your audience with references to things they have never heard of or hadn't consider the implications of. Technology defines the cyberpunk universe. Don't get it wrong.
If you are a cyberpunk writer, by all means, read the entire page. That's who this page is designed for. Almost all of the
sections are also applicable to other genres of SF. Some of my advice may be useful for other genres of literature as well. "

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