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Pat Cadigan
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SynnersPat Cadigan, was born in Schenectady, New York, and grew up in Massachusetts. Attending the University of
Massachusetts on a scholarship, she eventually transferred to the University of Kansas where she received her degree. She became a fiction writer in 1987, and has been acclaimed by the London Guardian as "The Queen of Cyberpunk".  She has written three novels:  Mindplayers (runner-up for the Philip K. Dick award), Synners and external linkFools; and a number of short stories.  She is a winner of the World Fantasy Award and several times finalist in the Hugo and Nebula awards.  She moved to England in August 1996, and now lives in North London with her husband, external linkChris Fowler (who maintains her external linkweb site), and son Bob Fenner.

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"We are starting up a mailing list to send people information about Pat Cadigan and progress with her writing. This will initially
be by email, although we may also have a "snail-mail" list too."

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