Johnny Mnemonic

Johnny Mnemonic

Tri-Star Pictures
Keanu Reeves, Dina Meyer, Takeshi, Ice-T, Dolph Lundgren, and Henry Rollins
Director: Robert Longo
Screenplay William Gibson
running time 98 Minutes

DVD Johnny Mnemonic

Along with Bladerunner and the anime classic Ghost in the Shell, Johnny Mnemonic is one of the very few genuine cyberpunk movies.  Not surprising, since the screenplay is by William Gibson, based on one of his short stories of the same name.  The film script is actually quite unlike the short story, which is a great pity.  Although there are moments of brilliance, the overall story lacks the grittiness of much of Gibson's writing.  (Compare and contrast the 50s crime thriller "Double Indemnity, Raymond Chandler's screenplay is just as superb as his writing - every line of dialogue shines through).  The best part of the film is where it shows the Net as true Gibsonian cyberspace.  I loved the really grungy sets and everything too, and the contrast between the posh Beijing hotel and the miserable existence on the streets.

There is a novel that is based on the film - it's not worth reading.  (not the writer's fault - he had to go along with the crappy plot-line)

Hollywood Goes Cyberpunk by Artie Romero - very interesting essay on how all those amazing special effects were done

JOHNNY MNEMONIC: FORGET IT - by Richard Seltzer - points out some of the more obvious blunders in the film's storyline (viz a viz computer technology)

In the Trenches with LAROKE - Building Johnny MnemonicPart I Part II- this has absolutely nothing to do with the movie or Keannu Reeve's character but I thought I'd throw it in because the title is so cool - very cyberpunk in fact! - lol!

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