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Harmony of the World

Harmony of the World, image by 18th century astrologer Wikipedia linkEbenezer Sibly, from Wikipedia link Wikipedia - Astrology Portal. Image shows a heliocentric universe with the planets' correct distances and the zodiacal signs, and various references to biblical passages.

Jyotish (Vedic Astrology)
Chinese Astrology
Judaeo-Kabbalistic Astrology - Yakov Leib ha Kohain
Astrologia Theosophia - Dovid Shlomo ben Aryeh
Sri Aurobindo on Astrology - Sri Aurobindo (public domain)
Astrological Cosmology - the Celestial Spheres
Western astrology - The Zodiac
Western astrology - The Planets
Modern Astrology
Astrologer's Cheat Sheet - Barbara Schemer - Astrology Alive
Personal and Transpersonal Planets
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