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Astrologia Theosophia II

Dovid Shlomo ben Aryeh

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According to Hermetic and Kabbalistic writings, the Ineffable One established the Universe by the equilibration of opposing forces, typified by the Twin Pillars of Shu, or Set in the Egyptian Tradition, Hermes in the Greek, and Solomon in the Hebraic Tradition, continued by Hermetic Freemasonry. The Pillars are archetypes and symbols of the Primordial Male and Female emanations of the Great Architect of the Universe as "Fire and Water", "Sun and Moon", "Yin and Yang", etc.. The four lettered NAME of God, the Tetragrammaton, represents the four Elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth; the first two letters representing the Primordial Male and Female Elements of *Fire* and *Water*. The NAME also represents the four worlds of the Kabbalah that emanate from the height of the Throne of The Ineffable one, Blessed be His Name. The name, itself, means that which was, is and will be.

As the progressive emanation of the Divine and Ineffable Tetragrammaton proceeded, the worlds of "Air" and "Earth" also manifested, and they are the garments of the first two letters of the NAME. So, the four letters of the Tetragrammaton are heiroglyphs of the four worlds of the Kabbalah and the four elements derived from the Primordial Two. Each "element" has three modes of operating: Cardinal, representing the beginning manifestation of an "element" of the Divine Name; fixed, representing the concentration and consolidation of an element; and finally, mutable, representing the end of manifestation of an element of the TETRAGRAMMATON and its preparation for transmutation or change.

These are the twelve "banners" of the NAME, pertaining to the twelve signs of the Zodiacal Light, which alternate male and female as one proceeds around the circle in time and space. The Zodiac is not static, but is in whirling motion and reflects the Sephira of Wisdom on the Tree of Life; the Archetypal Wisdom of The Holy One. His Ineffable Name, say the Kabbalists, rushes to and fro in time and space according to His Will and Majesty, producing the Zodiacal Light. If one reads Derek HaShem by the Kabbalist, Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato, one will obtain a clearer understanding of why this is so.

The Legend of Hercules and his 12 Labors; Moshe and the 12 Tribes of Israel; the 12 "Heavenly Gates" of the New Jerusalem; these are some of the ancient allusions to the Archetypal manifestation of the Holy Ones; all guidance and administration of the universe through the Ineffable Name operating in three different modes of Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. The Zodiacal Light did not just appear, and neither is it a random mechanism of a material universe that exerts its influence upon us in an arbitrary way. The Laws of The Holy One are exact, immutable and proceed from a Height of Luminosity, Majesty and Purity that the average mortal can barely even imagine.

Who can begin to comprehend the operations of the Holy One, Blessed be His Name? Who can dare approach His Mysteries? The Judaic Tradition informs us that those who intemperately seek His PaRDeS or Garden, without proper preparation, are in danger of one or more of the following:
1) becoming insane.
2) immediate death.
3) or separation from their "Roots".
Only those who obtain Virtue are entitled to enter into the Blessed realm of Luminosity and Holiness.

Nevertheless, there exists a sort of "ladder", by which one can gradually ascend toward the Realm of the Righteous and purified Ones. This ladder, claim the Kabbalists, Hermetic Philosophers, the Rosicrucian Alchemists and the Masonic Adepts, is based upon the Tree of Life and its 32 paths of concealed Wisdom. Superficially, 12 of those "paths" are concerned with the 12 signs of the Zodiacal Light, 7 paths are concerning the 7 Ancient "Planets" and 3 are concerned with the Two Primordial Principles of fire and water and the equilibriating principle between them. The last 10 "paths" concern the 10 different aspects of the Ineffable One reflected through the four Worlds, or the Sephirot.

True Astrology cannot be comprehended without the reception of the Light of the Blessed One, which is TRUTH, symbolized by the glyph of the Etz Chaim or Tree of Life, and its 32 "concealed paths of Wisdom". The writings of the Arizal, Moshe Chaim Luzzato, Avraham Abulafia, the BeShT and others will assist the student to understand Astrology's place within the secret tradition. Authors of various material in the Hermetic/ Kabbalistic and Masonic Traditions agree that the Sepher HaYetzirah and the Sepher HaZohar are invaluable in aiding a student to understand not only Hermetic Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism but the Bembine Tablet of Isis also, at least as far as one is able to penetrate obscure and recondite writings.

Life is not static, but is constantly in motion and transformation. Even so, Astrology, as the Hermetic and Heirarchical constitution of the Living Universe, is the Living Pattern of the Ineffable One in His Permutation and Majestic administration of Law through the equilibrium of Justice and Mercy through the 12 "signs" of the Zodiacal Light. This is a major difference between the ancient view of Astrology and the modern view, and partially explains why Astrology exists.

All manifestations in nature, whether of plants, animals, humans or solar systems, exist because of forces held in equilibrium. This is true especially of "living" beings, although the ancients claimed that even stones and metals were living in a way we could not comprehend. Astrology, its 12 signs and 7 ancient planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are considered higher octaves of three of the ancient planets) is a living pattern of forces in equilibrium.

In the Solar system, equilibrium exists between the planets and the Sun by gravity, centripetal and centrifugal forces that allow the various planets and Sun to exist as a system. In an atom, equilibrium exists by polar opposite electrical charges in space and time, held in a mathematical relationship to each other. In Man, equilibrium exists on a number of different levels, but primarily, between active and passive energies that allow for the life or vital force to exist.

The wise Physician, whether of a physical, mental or moral nature, will be able to discern what aspects of life are not in equilibrium by studying a chart and recommending appropriate treatment of one kind or another. The Wisest and most able Physicians are able to discern the Holy Ones Just and Merciful Laws operating upon a soul, by examination of a chart, and obtain Divine remedy through understanding the secret Laws of operation of His Nature throughout all things. And this would be called Theosophia and Theurgia, which is dangerous and intemperate for the Profane to attempt to understand.

copyright © 1997, Sol in Pisces
Dovid Shlomo ben Aryeh
reproduced with permission

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