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The Evil stage

The Evil stage is not a stage of evolution of consciousness, but the lowest and most degenerate stage of certain individuals who are sometimes able to gain power of society as a whole, as was the case of classic dictators like Nero or Hitler or Stalin, as well as extremist psychopathic cult leaders like Charlie Manson and Wikipedia link Shoko Asahara (of Aum Shinrikyo, now apparently called Wikipedia link Aleph) Of course it could be asked, even here, is there any good that the murder did? If there is, they are not totally evil. Hitler for example cared for animals, and for the German Aryan people, no matter how twisted his conception. In this regard, Stalin, with his coldness and psychpathic paranoid purges, is a more classic example. What is called "evil" is actually the most extreme activity in the physical human realm of the adverse forces. (there is however no evil as such in nature)

The Evil stage is the lowest that anyone can go, and it means literally denying and rejecting one's soul, as in classic morality stories. It differs from other stages such as the Delusional and Selfish stages in that it involves deliberately and consciously indulging in and glorifying hatred, cruelty, spitefulness, hurtfulness, etc for their own sake, without any justification or reason or nobility. It also means being a conscious puppet or instrument of adverse forces. It seems that some evil will remain until the Divine Victory which will transmute all this base negativity into spiritual Light.

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