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Psychic Experiments

Although Theon apparently had no psychic clairvoyance of his own, perception and understanding of the subtle worlds was obviously a subject that interested him. He undertook a great number of experiments with sensitives, including Mirra when she there, and these, along with the investigations of Mrs Theon, enabled them to develop new aspect of psychic life.

Theon's wife, Alma Theon (or Madam Theon), who Mirra thought very highly of, possesed extraordinary Clairvoyant and occult powers.  She had learned to speak while her consciousness was in one of the subtle states ("astral projection" to give the popular contemporary term; Theon called this phenomenon exteriorisation) and would record the information thus received.  With his intuitive interpretation (or Gnostic insight) of these findings, he aquired tremendous occult knowledge, and was able to develop and help others develop psychic and occult  faculties to the utmost [Sri Aurobindo, Mother India, May 1974, pp.349- 50; quoted in Glimpses of the Mother's Life, compiled and edited by Nilima Das and K. D. Sethna, Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, 1978, p.77].

Max Theon considered these experiments as sacred, considering that they contribute to bind the worlds (c.f. the Lurianic doctrine of tikkun - uniting that which has been separated). Understandably, these occult investigations, while serving the advancement of knowledge, differed from those of lower spiritualism which ignore the ancient secrets and the ancient disciplines of purity.

This acquiring of knowledge through clairvoyant means is obviously comparable to the work of the brilliant Austrian spiritual philosopher Rudolph Steiner, who have considered in the preceeding chapter.  But Steiner fell into a pitfall that Theon, before him, was well aware of, and hence able to avoid.  For perception of the occult realities is notoriously susceptable to distortion by the Seer's own mind and subjective preconceptions. This makes it impossible to observe the reality in itself.  One becomes totally caught in, and misled by, one's own mental formations (which themselves have an objective real existence on the subtle planes); that is, one's own mental experiences and interpretations [Mother's Agenda, vol 1 (1958), pp.221-2].  And this is obviously the reason why Rudolph Steiner's lectures constitute such a curious patchwork of tremendous insight and rigid oversystemmatisation.  He had valid experiences, but in interpreting them, and even before interpreting them, even when he was still actually experiencing them in subtle consciousness, he would ruin them.

Theon avoided this error by having Alma and Mirra directly communicate their experiences as they had them (i.e. their bodies would speak while they were Exteriorised, i.e. "astral projecting"),  so he could record the experiences in a pure form, without distortion.

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