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Christian de Quincey

Christian de Quincey

external link Christian de Quincey is a philosopher and consciosuness studies / Transpersonal Psychologist who is among the few people to have written on imntersubjectivity in a wider, more esoteric context. I first heard about him when I was originally studying up on and upgrading my pages on Ken Wilber - both de Quincey and Wilber talk about similar subjects (for example intersubjectivity), but from a very different perspective. Wilber is more intellectual, dry, and theorizes a lot, it is as if he lives totally in his head (apart from his weight training). Whereas I get the feeling that de Quincey is more intuitive and poractical, although also an academic and able to work in the field of academia.

I haven't read any of de Quincey's books as yet, so I can't make any comment on his style the way I can with Wilber. I've included some amazon links below, in case you are intersted to read the blurb and reader reviews and comments.

But because this section of Kheper net is about intersubjectivity, and because I like de Quincey three-fold classification, which is a lot easier to understand than the Wilber's, I thought I should include a page on him here, including some of his Wikipedia link Wikipedia biography (thanks again to Wikipedia, otherwise this fractal pages within pages and correspondences across correspondences would be an impossible task!)

So here it is; you can also check out external link the bio on his own site.

"Christian de Quincey, Ph.D., is a philosopher and author who teaches consciousness, spirituality and cosmology at universities and colleges in the United States and Europe. He is also an international speaker on consciousness. De Quincey is a professor of Philosophy and Consciousness Studies at John F. Kennedy University, Dean of Consciousness Studies and the Arthur M. Young Professor of Philosophy at the University of Philosophical Research, and adjunct faculty at the Holmes Institute, and at Schumacher College, Devon, England. He is also director of the Center for Interspecies Research, and founder of The Wisdom Academy that promises to offer personal mentoring in consciousness studies (combining the "four Gifts of Knowing: The Scientist's Gift of the senses and experimental method; The Philosopher's Gift of reason and language; The Shaman's Gift of participatory feeling and alternative states of consciousness; The Mystic's Gift of transcendental intuition accessed in sacred silence"). His writings on consciousness have appeared in a number of academic journals and popular magazines."

Radical Knowing: Deep Spirit Consciousness from Zombies to Angels Radical Nature:
Radical Knowing: Understanding Consciousness through Relationship (Radical Consciousness Trilogy) by Christian de Quincey (2005) Deep Spirit by Christian de Quincey (2008) Consciousness from Zombies to Angels: The Shadow and the Light of Knowing Who You Are by Christian de Quincey (2008) Radical Nature: The Soul of Matter by Christian de Quincey (2010)

Web links Links Web links

Website Deep Spirit - Homepage - includes links, pictures, book reviews, etc

Web Page Luminary: Christian de Quincey - Shift In Action - biography and several essays

de Quincey and Wilber

This was a big academic brawl between two intellectaul writers on new paradigm subjects

web pages The Promise of Integralism - A Critical Appreciation of Ken Wilber's Integral Psychology essay by Christian de Quincey. From my experience with the Great Integral War at Integral World net, I get the impression that Wilber doesn't like to be criticised, so he and his student Sean Esbjorn-Hargens naturally had to reply. This was the first time I'd heard of Esbjorn-Hargens as well. I've corresponded with Sean more recently, and I will say he is a really great guy. He does not come across as antagonistic, in fact he is intersted in expedning integral theory and the Integral community

web page Intersubjective Musings: A Response to Christian de Quincey's "The Promise of Integralism" - Sean Hargens' reply to Christian de Quincey. Not sure how important it is. Probably not very. I did quote from his typology of Wilber's definition of Intersubjectivity, but it seems that this was written before Wilber's latest book (Link to Amazon com Integral Spirituality) and hence has been rendered somewhat obsolete. I'm only including it here for the sake of completeness.

web pages Do Critics Misrepresent My Position? - A Test Case from a Recent Academic Journal - Ken Wilber's reply

web pages Critics Do. Critics Don't. - A Response to Ken Wilber de Quincey's counter-reply to Wilber

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