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About these Lectures...

The following lectures by the foremost contemporary Israeli scholar Moshe Idel (a student of the late prof. Sholomo Pines) on Jewish philosophy and Kabbalah have been forwarded to me.  They were originally taken it from the Net but the URL in question is no longer valid.  [regarding the source of these lectures, Richard Brzustowicz remembers Idel material being posted to the usenet newsgroup alt.magick some years ago by the person who made the report -- LeGrand Cinq-Mars].  Because there does not appear to be a copyright issue involved here (re which see below) and because this material is so interesting, I decided to repost it on my own site. 

M.Alan Kazlev (Webmaster)

  This is a report on a series of lectures given by Moshe Idel at the University  of Washington   (Seattle) about  a year  ago.   I  have divided report into three posts, one for each lecture.

  These are not verbatim  transcripts:   they are summaries of  the sort  that might  be  made  by   anyone from  notes made during the lecture.  Not everything is  included, and  most of  what Idel   said is  summarized.   I have  tried to indicate where I  missed things,  and what I missed.  The   initial material  is from  the  flier  that  was  passed out to everyone before the lectures.

  Moshe Idel  is in  no  way  responsible  for  my  reports of his lectures.  I have done my best to   be as  accurate as I could.  At the same time, I  should hope  that  I'm  not  infringing  on  his   copyright by reporting what he said.  -- Such are the mysteries of the copyright law!

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