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The Gospel of Yakov Leib Frank

(or: Book of the Words of the Lord)

some extracts

Commentary by Yakov Leib HaKohain

Jacob Frank
Jacob Frank 
215. if you had caught on to that Maiden in Whom rests all the power of the world then you would have come into the power to do Works. But since you were not yet worthy of this, to cling to her, I know not to whom She will reveal Her secret, and I am sworn and wait to do and fulfill whatever She orders done. And I bless you, for She has commanded me to receive you, and I rejoice. I told you that I am only a messenger, and whatever She says to me, I do. And know that if sometimes I reprimand, it is all for your own good.
170. In a dream in Czestochowa I saw the Goddess who came to me appearing as a beautiful virgin. And I brought you before Her and when you came, you turned back at the door and two of you fell to the earth and when they came back again She leaned Her head away from one of them completely and from the other only partially and for this reason I have not rejected him completely. Be unified from now on and heed me; perhaps the salvation will come again, and I have brought you to the Gentiles.  It is a custom of theirs to plow in order to seed and now that you have spread scandal and revealed this secret [about me] to the Gentiles, you have driven me out of the inheritance of YHVH in Poland.
 Frank's use of the term "Virgin" as an aspect of the Godhead - even though its roots were to be found in the Shekhina, Matrona and Sefiroth Binah (Virgin) and Malkuth (Prostitute) of Jewish mysticism - was unique and unheard of in Jewish theosophy, and was one of the reasons the Catholic Church found him and his teachings acceptable.

As to "why" Frank spoke of "the Virgin" as Redemptress, we can only assume he did so from a personal revelation to him by the Ruach HaKodesh (Hebrew = Holy Spirit).It's important to remember that in everything he said, Frank was speaking not from his intellect, but from "the true aspect of the Godhead" which, he claimed, grew within him "like a pearl."


1613. I brought you out from the dark and led you to Ishmael [Islam] and Esau [the Catholic Church]. And if I had gotten you in Russia as well, you would have been a Triple Strand not quickly broken.
90. When you are fit to come to Esau [the Catholic Church], then the curse will be lifted from the earth and it will turn gold and then there will be neither chill nor heat but temperate clime and every day roses will bloom for one hundred and ten years and the sun will shine indescribably and it will always be day and never night, for night is the world's punishment.
Just as AMIRAH entered the "Maw of Satan" (as Jesus had done before him, incidently) to retrieve its Holy Sparks by conversion to Islam, Frank also did by bringing his followers into Christianity. Thus, Sabbatai's Tiqqun was between Isaac (YH = the Sephardim) and Ishmael (VH = the Gentiles of Asia Minor); while Frank's was between Jacob (YH = the Ashkenazim) and Esau (VH = the Gentiles of the Western Hemisphere).

Early Christianity was based on pursuing this same Tiqqun, as shown in Paul's Letter to the Ephesians:

"Do not forget, then, that there was a time when you Gentiles . . . had no Messiah and were excluded from membership in Israel...But now in Messiah Jesus, you [Gentiles] that used to be so far apart from us [Jews] have been brought very close.........For (Christ) is the peace between us, and has made the two into one and broken down the hostility [between us] . . . This was to create one single New Man in himself out of the two of them [Jew and Gentile] and by restoring peace through the cross unite them both [i.e.,Tiqqun] in a single body and reconcile them to God." (Eph. 2:11-17)
It is this "cross," this sacrifice of oneself for the Tiqqun of Jew and Gentile, that both Sabbatai and Frank, like Jesus before them, took up by their Holy Apostasies to Islam and Christianity. The same can be taken up, even today, by those of us who look to that day when "YHVH shall be One and His Name shall be One."
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