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Fundamental Principles of Qiyamat



Qiyamat is the spiritual resurrection. It is to resurrection before dying. The world is a world of birth and death, it is samsara. To resurrect in this life is a gnostic event. It is nirvana in this life.  Though the body goes on to die, one's consciousness does not go on to rebirth.

All beings have a spark of the Real inside of them. This is what goes on from birth, death and rebirth. It is pure consciousness.

This spark of the real within is the imam-of-one's-own-being. When the internal imam comes into contact with the Imam of the Time and puts into practice his teachings, then the spark within lights up. This is a gnostic awakening and is the Qiyamat.

The Imam brings beings to Qiyamat and no one is exluded, save those who exclude themselves. Even those given time will come to Qiyamat.

When one awakens one realizes the fundamental unity between the Imam of the Time and the imam-of-one's-own-being.

Qiyamat is practiced in the life of the momin [follower] by faith in the Imam's word and guidance. It is not based upon external laws or ritual.  Though many who are brought into Qiyamat do so to provide moral examples for the community. The person of Qiyamat recognizes that liberty is not license.

People of Qiyamat do not put down other faiths and ways. They know that the Real can bring others to into union with Reality by other ways.  Since all gnosis is one, people of Qiyamat learn from the gnostic ways of other peoples and teach others about their faith.

People of Qiyamat do not expose themselves to those who are of little understanding. People who delight in the laws and rites are like those who mistake the finger pointing towards the moon with the moon. They mistake the outer forms of faith [laws and rites] with the object of faith. These people feel that gnostics are heretics and oppress them.  Therefore, people of Qiyamat conceal themselves from situations which could lead to oppression and create their own free spaces to practice.   As a means of compassion for others, gnositics carefully bring in others who they feel are ready. And when one is ready the Real brings them into contact with teacher who will teach them according to their level (ultimately leading to Qiyamat).

from a post to the TIKKUN
(later Donmeh West) mail list - Mon, 7 Dec 1998

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