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The History of Gaia


Cosmic Evolution


The history of the Earth and Life on Her

divisions of earth historyPalaeozoic EraCenozoic EraMesozoic EraPrecambrain Eon

The history of the Earth can be divided into Precambrian (mostly microscopic primitive life), Palaeozoic (Ancient life), Mesozoic (middle Life) and Cenozoic (recent life), as indicated by the above diagram.  The last three divisions are grouped together in the Phanerozoic Eon (age of multicelluar organisms)

Geological Timescale

Precambrian Eon

Phanerozoic Eon

(Maturity of Gaia)

The Human Age

The Future



Stages in the Evolution of Consciousness on Earth

Gaiacomplex ecosystemsecological communitiesgroups, populationsProkaryotes (Monera)Eukaryotesmulticelluar organismscomplex animalshumankindCultureCivilisationMilieu (social envirronment)Personself-reflexive (mental)reflexive (emotional)reflexive (emotional)metabolicmetabolictimespacemindsociocultural evolutionsociocultural evolutionsociobiological evolutionsociocultural evolution

diagram by Erich Jantsch
The Self Organising Universe, p.175 (Pergamon)
(apologies for wonky image - scanner on the blink)

Web links Links Web links

Earth's First 3.7 Billion Years  from the DINOSAURS AND THE HISTORY OF LIFE - GEOLOGY V1001x site - Professor Paul Eric Olson

Synoptic Time Table of Earth History (with special reference to fossil odonates) - Günter Bechly, - a huge table listing all the eras and epoches and the main evolutionary events associated with each.

It's All About Time (and place) -  A Chronology of Events, Places, Ecological, and Societal Impacts - organized by Gary D. Sharp, Ph.D


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