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The Psychic Mind or Mental Psychic

The Psychic Mind is the Mind transformed by the Psychic Being (see Psychicisation). Sri Aurobindo made a couple of references to this in letters answering questions from disciples. These were reprinted in Letters on Yoga vol. I pp.324-5). page numbers [thus]

[p.324] When the mind is turned towards the Divine and the Truth and feels and responds to that only or mainly, it can be called a psychic mind - it is something formed by the influence of the psychic being on the mental plane. The spiritual mind is a mind which, in its fullness, is aware of the Self, reflecting the Divine, seeing and understanding the nature of the Self and its relations with the manifestation, living in that or in contact with it, calm, wide and awake to higher [p.325] knowledge, not per turbed by the play of the forces. When it gets its full liberated movement, its central station is very usually felt above the head, though its influence can extend downward through all the being and outward through space.

[p.325] Psychic mind and mental psychic are the same thing practically - when there is a movement of the mind in which the psychic influence predominates, it is called the psychic in the mind or the psychic mind.

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