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Partial Glossary/Proto Encyclopaedia

There should be a mix of technological, mythological, and neologious terms

(Some terms are borrowed from Orion's Arm (abreviated as OA), others are distinct)

ai, AI - an artificial intelligence
amat - antimatter [OA]
arm, galactic - a denser region of stars in the galactic disc, part of a spiral wave.
artificial - a mecha
ascended, the - equivalent to transapient in OA or posthuman in Transhumanism
autowar - robot space-faring warmachine (as in OA / standard space opera)
beamrider - see cycler
biological - an organic being
biont - an organic being, specifically a sophont one [from OA - the word "biont" coined by yours truely]
chakra - power center within the organic (and mecha?) body. Also may be a sacred site or place of pilgramage or power on a planet or island [sanskrit - "wheel"]
ch'i (qi, vayu, prana, orgone, call it what you will) - life force in biologicals (and mecha?)
computronium - any material configured to very effoicient computation. Usually nanotech-based [Transhumanism & OA]
copy - an infomorph that originates as a copy or snapshot (an upload) of a person's brain and mindstate. Subjectively, a copy and an original are identical; however as time progresses a copy through its own experiences will diverge from its original
coreward - towards the center of the galaxy
cycler - a migratory island that periodically returns to the same point
distal arm - the rimward part of a galactic arm
dyson - a (non-rigid) shell of industrial or habitat artificial worldlets around a star, to maximise energy utilisation
dysonogen - a civilization that builds or built dysons
Emerald Way - (1) bionanotech ecological ethic based on preserving genetic diversity (2) on of the cycle routes
exotic - a biological that looks different to you
island - habitat, orbital, biosphere, worldship, orwood (a place where life can exist in the ocean of space)
fengshui - the science and art of balancing the spiritual and physical energies of any place
god, physical - a Mind that inhabits a matrioshka
god, spiritual - a supposed non-physical deity
lotek - a "junk hacker" - they will do amazing things with whatever is at hand (same as in OA)
hardtek - cybertech, inorganic machinery, etc
human - a biont that has not diverged too far from the progrenitor race (still has two arms, two legs etc)
immortal - one who uses softek and/or hardtek to prolong their existence indefinitely
infomorph - a virtual, a being that exists in digital form [Transhumanism]
Jaday - a hu-dominated polity on a megastructure, part of a civilization that embraces the Emerald Way ethic
Journeyman Afar - the ancient but mighty sentient ship that is at the heart of the story
known space - the region of interstellar space that has been explored or contacted by a civilization
local space - the region of interplanetary or interstellar space that is well known by or colonised by a civilization
matrioshka - a dyson optimised for information processing
mecha - an artificial, a machinic or inorganic life-form. M-life, vec (OA), "droid" (SW), or robot (includes von neummann replicators)
megastructure - giant construct [Transhumanism]
Middle Arm - the galactic arm that includes the region of interstellar space known to the Emerald Way. It is an extension of the Opposite Inner (proximal) Arm
moksha - liberation, nirvana, transcendence of embodied existence [sanskrit - "liberation"]
nano - microscopic ultratek organic, quasi- or pseudorganic machines/life forms that can create things
node - a single beamrider station
oekumene - the life- and industry-supporting infrastructure created by a dysonogenic civilization; it usually consists of a large number of dysons and other megastructures across very large areas of interstellar space
Old Earth - the mythological home of mindkind (context similar to the Biblical "Eden"), believed to be located somewhere in the "Orion Arm"
opposite arm(s) - the galactic arm(s) on the other side of the galaxy to the observer
orwood - a dyson tree, or a forest of them [from OA - word coined by Anders Sandberg]
partial - an incomplete copy. It may be an agent or representative of the person, or even the result of a bad upload
posthuman - an ascended sophont who was at one time human [Transhumanism]
Progrenitors, The - the original terragen swarming, lost in the mists of time [Brin Uplift universe, Star Trek, etc]
proximal arm - the part of a galactic arm nearest or adjacent the galactic core
rift - a region of interstellar space where there are few stars
rimward - towards the outer part of the galaxy
samadhi - deep or focused meditation, a state in which conceptual thought ceases and there is only pure consciousness [sanskrit]
siddhi(s) - occult powers acquired through long yogic discipline [sanskrit - "perfection"]
softek - bionano - the predominant technology in this scenario
sunminer - a very advanced civilization that extracts or extracted resources from a star or stars, usually for building materials, and/or to prolong the stars life
starlifting - the science and technology of sunmining [Transhumanism]
swarm - a nano cloud
swarming - a sudden exodus or invasion of surrounding space by vingular powers [Transhumanism]
tek - the application of science to work wonders
toposophy, toposophics - the science of the ascended [from OA - the word "toposophy" coined by Anders Sandberg]
ultratek - an advanced civilization, or someone who lives in one. Usually nano-based.
upload - the process of creating a copy
vingular - adj. - pertaining to vingularity
vingularity - a sudden dramatic technological ascension or transendence of a high tech civilization. May result in transformation into a matrioshka or a swarming (or both)
way - a beamrider cycle route.
waycycler - an island or hab on a beamrider way

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