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Reviews, my writing projects, and thoughts on story-writing and mythopoesis

Note on image: When working on an update of this page (17 Feb 2010) I was looking through my hard drive for a suitable image, I found the above (click for larger version). I don't even recall downloading it; although it is obviously taken originally from some anime (the file is labelled fantasy, perhaps a version of Final Fantasy?). I like the juxtoposition of themes so have decided to use it here; if anyone knows here it is from please let me know!

My Writing Projects

For some years I was interested in writing Cyberpunk/Grunge type stories. My main influences at this time included William Gibson, Irvine Welsh, and external link Jeff Noon. This genre no longer appeals to me much. Currently I'm more interested in epic mythic science fiction/fantasy. It would also very much have a surreal element. From this point of view I like Wikipedia link China Miéville's surrealist "New Wierd". I'm also interested in cross-over (imagine Integral philosophy synthesis applied to fiction!), geek/nerd/roleplaying game subcultures, and epic or archetypal narratives in the manner of external link Hymn of the Pearl, external link Lord of the Rings, Siddharta (Herman Hesse) and Savitri (Sri Aurobindo).

I am hoping to write a story with plenty of archetypal/esoteric themes, geek/nerd/roleplaying adventure tropes, including near future Wikipedia link post-apocalyptic, Wikipedia link George Romero zombie, Lovecraftian external link Cthulu mythos, and more. I don't want to say more because I don't want to disperse the energy. I've written some of my earlier ideas on my mythoworlds (unfortunately since changing my email i can't access this blog).

Re my website here, I had more writing stuff posted, but unlike metaphysics and spirituality it is more personal so as I no longer relate to or am intersted in it I've taken it down. But I'll leave the cyberpunk stuff because it represents a period of my life in which that sort of thing was a meaningful outlet for my what Sri Aurobindo would call vital (orectic/emotional) being. But since I have matured and transformed that part of my nature, it is no longer relevant the way it was.


Reviews of movies (and occaisonally books), and my thoughts on these as regards my own writing. This section will gradually grow as more titles are including.

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I'm not sure if the following webring is still viable but i'll include it anyway


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