A quote from James Cowan's "The Mysteries of the Dreaming" first published in 1989, which discusses Australian Native relationships to the cosmos.

From page 146.

... where the aboriginal viewpoint differs from many other traditional peoples is that the Dreaming is a timeless reality that can be approached, indeed entered, on this earth. Myth and ritual are only adjuncts to this process. The real entry point is by way of a transformation of the individual -

and from page 160.

... I would like to relate a story told to an observer by a celebrated dancer, Leotardi, from Milingimbi in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia. He tells how he creates his songs and dances ...

"The spirits give them to me. Sometimes when I am out hunting I come to a certain place. Something in that place tells me to keep quiet. By and by I see the spirits come out and start singing and dancing. They are painted up. And they are beating the song sticks together. I keep quiet. I catch the song. I catch the dance. I catch the painting. I come back to the camp and give this song, this dance, this painting to my people."


So that's what we are trying to do - to give you visual and other ways to access the Dreaming that lives in the cosmic space around our planet.