The Transcendent Absolute Being

There are a number of further hypostases of the Godhead and the Absolute beyond the expanded individual level of existence.  In order from manifest Godhead to transcendent Absolute these are as follows:

 (1) In the Shakti-tattwa stage of Universal Consciousness that proceeds this cosmic movement to manifestation, the separation into Shiva and Shakti polarities has not yet occurred.  The entire universe is still contained within the consciousness of Shiva (the Supreme Self).  This constitutes the Positive or Everything Pole of existence.

 (2) Beyond this, in the Shiva-tattwa Manifest Absolute or Transcendent Consciousness there there is the first movement to manifestation within the Absolute.

 (3) Finally, beyond even this, the Supreme Absolute Consciousness, which in Tantra is termed Parasamvit ("Supreme Consciousness") or Paramashiva ("Supreme Godhead"), corresponds to the Absolute of Infinite Potency.  This contains both the Shiva and Shakti aspects in total Unmanifest unity and equilibrium.

In Ken Wilber's involution-evolution psychology these stages would seem to be the "High Causal" and "Ultimate" stages.

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