The Outer Being

 Next we have the Outer Being or dualistic separative reality.  As with all the gradations of being, this is divided into subdisions.  So in this case there is an Inner Reality aspect (inner Outer Being), representing ordinary consciousness (the "inner world") which includes the mundane, im-permanent personality, ruled by the self-seeking ego; and an Outer Reality aspect (outer Outer Beintg), representing reductionist matter on the physical level, and various chaotic orders of existence on the hylic and the psychic/Yetziratic, and which finally merge with the Outermost Reality aspect, representing even further chaotic orders of existence on the different planes.

 The psychological distinction between Introvert and Extrovert pertains to the above-mentioned inner division, so the introvert, who lives in his or her own world and is uncomfortable in social situations, is inner-inner Outer Being, and the extrovert, who depends on and interacts with external stimulii, and is uncomfortable when left to him or herself, is outer-inner Outer Being.

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The Outermost Being
The Outer Being
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