The Inner Divine Godhead

 Beyond the Augoeides or inner Divine nature are further hypostases of the Godhead and the Absolute.  Three can be mentioned in order from more to less manifest:

(1) The Innermost Godhead, the source of Love, Joy, and Guidance in manifest existence, with which the Higher Self relates on an "I-Thou" basis.  This is generally referred to as "God" or "Lord" in the various religions, and especially the mystical path of those religions, as the exoteric religion gets stuck on a much lower level.
(2) Within the Absolute of Infinite Truth, the emanation of the Higher Selves appear as Transcendent, Eternal Divine Individualities - the "Divine Names" or "Names in the Mind of God" of Medieval Christian and Sufi theology - each embodying its own unique Higher Truth.  Hence we have the Eternal Higher Self as opposed to the evolving Higher Self.

(3) Finally, the Absolute of Infinite Bliss constitutes the original Absolute, from which all other subsequent realities in this series arise.

Existence as a Divine Self
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The Outermost Being
The Outer Being
The Inner Being
The Innermost Being
The Inner Divine Godhead

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