Inward-Outward Spiritual Existence and Dimension of Being

 involution of transcendent consciousness,
Lurianic world of tohu (chaos, inconscience)
the Superconscient pole of the Absolute
transcendent involutionary consciousness, gods, archetypes
the Divine Gods; higher
Divine worlds, deep mystical states
Aspect of the Godhead;
The cosmic or World Soul
(anima mundi)
Aurobindo's "first supramental poise"
transcendent, cosmic deep mystical meditative, & occult states
the Divine Soul evolving through successive identies
Aurobindo's "second supramental poise"
(producing polarity)
Aurobindo's "third supramental poise"
(producing duality)
The Inconscient pole of matter
the psychic and physical planes of existence, the dualistic, reductionistic universe
inner worlds and states of meditative and centered consciousness.

the immanent Divine within everything
Outermost Outer Inner Innermost Absolute


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